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Afterschool Enrichment Club

Winter 2009




Have you ever wanted to be a big star on the big screen?  Or maybe you would love to be a big shot director or awesome movie writer?

 In this afterschool performing arts adventure we will be doing it all:

·        creative writing activities

·        investigating famous plays and playwrights

·        writing our own plays and movies

·        designing sets and creating props

·        performing all types of skits and plays

·        holding a special performance for family and friends

I hope you will join me afterschool for this exciting learning adventure!  Parents:  Please let me know if you are available and willing to help in facilitating this activity.  


This club will begin the week of January 12th and will meet for several weeks afterschool from dismissal time until 5 p.m.  I will be at Brandywine Elementary on Monday afternoons, Franklin Elementary on Tuesdays, and North Fork Elementary on Wednesdays, so please mark your calendars.  Also, please bring a snack with you (we will definitely need some food for thought!)