Shirley is a q
ualified dru yoga teacher and enjoys teaching in community classes, in corporate and academic environments, also in the gym and for the elderly and those with disabilities. She is a senior tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses. With an early career as a university lecturer, Shirley now works in a cross disciplinary philosophy as a Shiatsu , Oncology Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in Canberra and brings these skills with her knowledge of yoga and meditation to the massage domain. 

As a qualified Oncology Massage therapist, Shirley has completed formal training in this specialised area which provides therapists with awareness and expertise to modify and adjust treatments for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer. Professional memberships of support organisation are an important part of maintaining the safety and currency of skills when practising in the health domain. Shirley is a member of  the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) and the Dru Professional Network (DPN).  Shirley  keeps herself current in complementary health developments and contributes back to the community through teaching teachers and speaking to local groups on the importance of maintaining health through mindful movement. 

Shirley is passionate about teaching yoga and meditation skills to people on all walks of life. Directly helping members of the community through Oncology Massage inspires her to continue developing and apply her skill set to those who need it. A mum to two adult sons, her favourite thing to do is to take the dog for a walk as early in the day as possible (and celebrates when she catches the sunrise).


​Term timetable follows ACT school terms

Cook , 89 Dexter St (Holy Covenant Church)

Mondays 6.30pm - 8pm  : Yoga for Everyone

Tues AND Thurs 9.30am-11am : Yoga for Everyone

$195 for 10 wk term , or $25 per casual class.

🎶Special Deal : Attend any 2 classes per week  during Term  for $320 🎶

Please book in to the class that works for you this year

Bank details for direct deposit (please also send an email):
Shirley Campbell
BSB 732 778
Acct no 532 028   thank you