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Trails and Trail Report 2019

Trail Report for Shirley Bog Trail Busters
March 23, 2019
Our latest snowfall of 7 inches of wet snow added to our base. We will still be grooming when we can on cold nights. Trails get rutted up fast when people sled under soft, warm conditions. But get out on these cool mornings for a spring ride.
March 17, 2019
We finally have our track truck ready for grooming, but the trails are too soft with the recent warmup. We are also not able to get our track truck across the Bennett Brook Bridge, so we can not groom the rest of the CCC Road Trail the rest of this season. 
All of our trails still have lots of snow. As of March 17 our trails are now frozen solid and quite rough.
Enjoy the spring riding and stay off the trails if the weather is too warm.

 March 10, 2019
The By-Pass has been groomed well. Our new track truck was on the trail grooming this weekend but it is once again broken down. The trail under Baker's sap line on the By-Pass has been closed to Syrup Season and too much snow, but the alternative section is open and nicely groomed. One water spot is on that new section, but easy to avoid.

Too many people are not obeying trail signs to stay on the trails. Land owners really would like sleds to stay off private property and stay on marked trails. Please do not jeopardize our use of landowners property.
March 3, 2019
Shirley had another nice snow fall early this week, adding more to our nice base of snow. The trails are getting really heavy use and we are having a difficult time keeping up the grooming. We are still waiting for parts for our track truck. We are hoping the heavy amount of traffic dies down in the evenings and we will make progress in getting our trails back in shape. Drive safe and slow down!
February 24, 2019
Our snow today will put even a more powdered base onto our trails. This year we may be riding well into the spring! As soon as this storm settles down we will be out grooming. One groomer is even out in the storm. Greenville groomed the CCC Road for 2 miles and 2 miles of Clouse Allen Road for us to help get down the many bumps. Your riding should be improved over those sections of the trail. All other trails are being groomed regularly. We are trying hard to keep up with the heavy use on our trails. Please do stay on marked trails. With all this powder, many sledders think they can go anywhere. Do respect our landowners and stay on the marked trails!
February 17, 2019
 All trails are open with lots of snow. We had a nice storm this week dumping about 10 inches of powder. Trails are being well used this week due to Maine school vacation week. We will be grooming as often as we can but the fluffy snow needs to settle down before we have nice firm trails that will hold up with this large amount of traffic. Please use the By-Pass around Baker's Sap Lines for the sap lines are low due to the high snow pack. Please remember to respect landowners and stay on the trails. Watch out for all the families on the trails.
February 3, 2019
We have continued to have a storm a week and a dusting almost every day so our snow pack is really super! We are grooming the By-Pass regularly, but our main groomer is on vacation this coming week and the track truck is still not in operation.Therefore grooming is spotty. All trails are open with lots of snow. If you use the By-Pass around Baker's Sap Lines there are water holes and morals but passable.  Please remember to respect landowners and stay on the trails. 
January 27, 2019
Trails are being heavy used as of today. We therefore are grooming daily but still could use more help and groom more often. Hopefully our track truck will be ready for grooming any day now to get rid of some of the bad moguls. Be aware that we do have a few dog sled teams using our trails. With the upcoming 100 Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Races in Greenville on February 2, and the Ft. Kent, CanAm they will be training all day, every day and some nights. Go by them slowing and avoid any loud engine noises. But by all means get out and enjoy the great riding the area has to offer.
January 20, 2019
We are sitting in on this Sunday afternoon watching a nice snow storm. By noon today we have had 14" of great snow with more to come all day! Trails were all freshly groomed as of yesterday and are being well used. The trail across the Piscataquis River still has some branches to be cut out of the trail due to the heavy snow that fell last week. We had nicely shoveled out the Adirondack Shelter and picnic tables, and port-a-potty with steps and landings making it a nice stop and place for our cook-out yesterday. We will keep it ribboned for we found snowmobiles going over the picnic tables. Remember to respect landowners and STAY ON MARKED TRAILS!
January 13, 2019
All trails are being groomed as often as possible. We have spent many hours today on the 3 mile section of the CCC Road Trail grooming and cutting bushes to make it easier to get throught. Please respect landowners property and stay on all marked trails. This past weekend too many snowmobilers have been free styling all over the place. We do not want to lose any landowners trails.
January 7, 2019
All of our Shirley Bog Trails are in good shape. They are being groomed 3 or so times a week. But they are getting heavy traffic due many area trails that are not being groomed and have little snow. Ride safe, leave a trip plan when heading out on the trails, ride with a buddy and take plenty of fuel.
January 2, 2019
View and Download our 2019 SBTB Trail Map from the bottom of this page
December 31, 2018
The end of the year finds the trails in good condition except for the 3 mile section on the CCC Road Trail which got completely destroyed by sledders during the last warm spell. The 4 inches of snow we had a few days ago helped the trails. Looking forward to more snow tonight with 4 to 7 inches expected.
December 26, 2018
MSA has been stressing that snowmobilers must stay off the soft, wet trails when conditions are warm like the last few days. A few sledders had ignored this warning and have continued riding on our excellently groomed trails and have ruined a few of our trails especially the CCC Road from Shirley to Moxie which is a great connector from ITS 86 to ITS 85. The ice ruts are dangerous and need two feet of snow to correct them. The icy trails are passable but little lubrication exists on them at this report. The By-Pass Trail is passable but rough.
December 22, 2018
Two days of rain, and warm weather. We lost about 1/2 of our of snow!
December 15, 2018
Trails are Open!!

The Draper Road and Mayhew Road are closed because of the alders down over the trail. The Clouse Allen Road to the Guilford trail/Breakneck trail is groomed. The By-Pass, CCC Road, Little Moxie, York Road, Ordway/Black Diamond trails are all groomed. 

We have had a sufficient amount of snow that our season started early and trails are all in good shape. As always make your trip safe, stay on marked trails, let someone know your plans, avoid open water areas and ponds that are still not frozen, and ride safe.                                                                     

March 17, 2018

We have trying to keep the trails in good shape after the 24" of snow this week. With only 1 groomer and lots of traffic they are taking a beating but sledding is great.

February 12, 2018

Our new track truck Jeep has been doing an excellent job grooming our trails. We had them all perfect  for the weekend and unfortunately it caught on fire under the hood. We are assessing the damages and problems. It may be done with for the season, but we will keep you posted. Meantime trails will be groomed regularly by our Expedition sled.

February 4, 2018
Our trails are still great! We have been fortunate to pickup an inch of snow ever few days to keep it softer and lubrication for the slides. The CCC Road still has some rough spots. We have had a breakdown with our new track truck and hope to get grooming with it on the CCC Road this week and get those moguls down. 
Hope you can get out on our trails soon!
January 14, 2018
We lost about 2/3rds of our snow depth due to the big warm up and rain this past week. Trails are all still open and quiet nice considering the storm. We have not discovered many water holes but many trails do have large water areas. Until they all freeze they are problematic. The Shirley Pond did have slush so proceed with caution until it freezes and check out all ponds to see if they are safe. Get out and enjoy what the season has to offer. Drive safe.
January 8, 2018

The snow on our trails have somewhat settled down since our Jan. 4, 2018  20 " of snow. We are currently grooming all of our trails. Watch out for drifts. The bridge on the Odway Pond Road is still out by the river. We do not believe we will be able to fix it this season. It is passable but use extreme caution. Please stay on marked trails. 

January 4, 2018
The snow storm has started!
 Meantime download our updated 2018 trail map below and plan for your next trip to Shirley!
December 29, 2017
All trails are open and have been groomed after the 10" of snow on Christmas Day. The River Trail has a broken bridge, passible but difficult. As always ride safe and keep on marked trails.
December 23, 2017
Trails are passable but rough. Many people are out riding. We still need more snow for grooming to begin. Signage still needs to be put up. The Odway Pond Gate is now open. Enjoy an early season ride before Christmas but be safe and go slow. Watch out for thin ice on most ponds.
April 21, 2017
Trails are all close. Very little snow, too warm of temperatures and many water areas.
March 26, 2017
Shirley Bog Trail Busters Trails are still in good shape. We fortunately have had a few dustings to add to lubrication. We will continue to groom as often as we can. Enjoy a spring ride.
March 13, 2017
Shirley Bog Trail Busters Trails continue to have a lot of snow for riding. The trails however are  hard and icy.  Little grooming was done this past week due to the conditions.  The CC Road to ITS 86 trails have many waterholes. The large tree on the River Trail/Black Diamond Trail has been cut out and is again open. Conditions may change drastically on Wednesday due to the upcoming snow storm.
March 6, 2017
Shirley Bog Trail Busters Trails still have a lot of snow for riding. The trails however are  hard and icy.   The CC Road to ITS 86 trails have many waterholes. We are grooming when we conditions allow. Enjoy the true spring time riding. 
 February 26, 2017
Trails are getting heavy use with school vacations for three weeks now. We have groomed regularly. With the last week with temperatures in the high 50˙trails have have softened and many area have large water ways exposed or are not passable. Plowed roads are mud or bare.  The heavy use has resulted in many ridges and ruts as the temperature cools. We are on top of the grooming trying to find the best time in this cycle to groom as much as possible. Still there is a lot of good riding out there. Be patient and the weather may improve soon! Ride safe!                                                                            February 13, 2017
Shirley has lots of snow with the 3 storms this past week. The current storm snow needs to settle before grooming can be done. Grooming is being done regularly when needed and our trails are all in good shape. The Black Diamond trail is open but the gate is still locked even though we have permission to use the road. Sleds can get around the gate. As always ride safe and keep on marked trails.
 January 30, 2017
Trails are getting lots of use. We also have had a dusting to a few inches every night to keep it powdery. We are dragging regularly trying to keep up with the heavy use. Our new bypass trail on Baker's property to avoid the Maple Syrup Line is now open. Ride slow and safe and remember to use hand signals.
January 22, 2017
 We have had 1/4" to a few inches of snow every other day to keep the trails with some powder. Unfortunately the weather has been a little too warm and many sleds are rutting up the trails by spinning their tracks. Some old wet areas on the CCC Road Trail are now wet  and have made it difficult to groom well. Trails are still being groomed regularly and provide good riding.
January 2, 2017
We had about 25" of snow in Shirley on Thursday December 29, 2016. Also about 4 more inches last night. Finally the snow has settled and our trails are being groomed. Four Winds helped by grooming 5 miles of our Bald Mountain Trail. Thanks Guilford! Chris has been out all day grooming and Charlie will continue tomorrow to open up all the other club trails. The port-a-poty at our Adirondack shelter has been shoveled out and is ready to use!  We hope we can continue shoveling it out for the snowmobiling season. Please respect landowners requests and stay on marked trails. Also do not ride on Paper Company Plowed Roads and watch out for sled dog teams on our Shirley Trails. Enjoy the trails and ride safe. Check out our web site for our trail map. 
December 22, 2016
All trails have been panned and groomed. We have had a few snow storms. Our base is probably 6 inches of packed snow. Some of the wooded area are rough. Part of the Clouse Allen Road is plowed and closed for logging however a small section is usable  from the Draper Road. The Connector Road is also being plowed and is closed between the CC Road and the Broucha Road. The Black Diamond Trail is also closed due to logging. Overall it is good riding for early in the season. Download our 2017 map from our web site.
December 16, 2016

Finally enough snow to start snowmobiling. We panned our trails last night and with this sub 0 weather they should freeze up nicely!








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