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The Dragon's Chase

The elders speak of magnificent beasts roaming the wilds in our lands that have been here for ages, but are rarely seen by man. The beasts, they say, come in many colors and sizes. Some are very fierce and wild, some are evil and prey on humans while others are friendly, playful and have even helped men in the past. The elders say they were called Forest Dragons for they were green with some hints of brown and blended into the shadows of the deep forests. Rumor has it the forest dragons have been spotted again and frolic near our River Forest camping grounds. But the green dragons are not the only ones that have been seen. There are reports that even larger beasts of red and black have moved into the area and taken over large areas of the swamps and forests. The elders fear these new dragons are driving the Forest Dragons from their homelands and will soon prey upon humans if the Forest Dragons are not here to stop them. So we call upon the aid of our warrior across this great Kingdom of Trimaris to help us find and protect the Forest Dragons before the other beasts chase them from our lands. And so begins...

The Dragon's Chase
April 28-30, 2017
at River Forest Group Camp
45700 River Forest Blvd
Deland,  FL  32720

Forest Dragon's have settled here and are rampaging through the shire, chasing each other and devastating the crops in the fields.
Join us as we try to bring them under control or chase them from our lands.

Will you be the Hunter or hunted??? Choose your side at registration.

The Green Forest Dragons are our friends and have been helping the people of our Shire for generations. The Green Dragon Queen will be roaming the grounds handing out largesse and presenting tokens for acts of kindness, chivalry and honor and for great feats or deeds that she witnesses and at her pleasure. You can choose to be a Green Dragon and defend the Shire and your forest home from the invading red and black dragons. Throughout the weekend you will gain points for your side to determine the final outcome of which dragons prevail and control the Shire.

The Red and Black Dragons have decided to move into the swamps and forests in our shire and they don't want to share it with the green dragons or the humans. They are attacking our farms and villages, carrying off sheep and cattle and killing any humans they encounter. They have cornered most of the green dragons in an abandoned stronghold at the River Forest Group Camp and are planning a final assault against them to oust the green dragons from the area. You can choose to be a red or black dragon and fight to gain control of the shire and drive out the green dragons. Throughout the weekend you will gain points for your side to determine the fate of the Shire.

Event Steward: The Honorable Lady Brandwyn Alston of the Rift (757)449-0061 email:

Reservations: The Honorable Lady Melbridga of Oak Glen (386) 690-2166, mail reservations to the event steward: Estella Brown, 2716 Turnbull Estates Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Feast Steward: Lord Ringulf Haackonsson (386)402-0652 email:
The Beast Feast Contact the Feast Steward for any dietary concerns.

Martial Activities: Armored Combat, Light Combat, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Combat Archery, Siege Weapons, Equestrian

            Several tournaments, competitions and battles are being planned.

Non-Martial Activities: Regional Art Sci, Scribal Display, Classes.

Keep checking back - we will be adding more detailed information soon

Stella Fullmer Brown,
Jan 22, 2017, 8:30 AM