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Mission of Research Laboratory

Design and Implementation of Solvers by using HW and SW by using Model Based Approach

Simulation Driven Product Design (SDPD)

Simulation Driven Problem Analysis (SDPA)

Research Projects, 2014

1. Power Supply System based on Capacitor-Battery-Hybrid Technology

2. Wireless Electric Power Transfer System

3. Cardiovascular System Analysis based on Model Based Approach (Inverse Problem Approach)

4. Defect Estimation of Tree Trunk by analyzing Hammering Sound (Inverse Problem Approach)

5. Defect Estimation of Metal Pole by analyzing Hammering Sound (Inverse Problem Approach)

6. Placement and Routing Algorithms for Three Dimensional Printed Wiring Boards

7. Model Based Simulation for Mean-field Cortical Activity in Human Brain with the Cooperation

of the University of Waikato

8. Simulation Environment Development for UAV's or Drones

9. ET (Embedded Technology) Software Design Robot Contest

10. ESS Robot Challenge

11. Application of Capacitor and Wireless Electric Power Transfer to LEGO MINDSTORMS