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ISSUE #28: Engaging Diverse Communities

posted Mar 1, 2012, 3:01 PM by ship2 shore   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 3:04 PM by Michael Herman ]

CONVENER(S): Suraida Nanez-James and Lee


PARTICIPANTS: Carrio Ferraro, Mary Andrusyk, Maria Murray, Stefan Mrozewski, Katerina Petronotis, Calvin Buchholtz, Stan Silverman, Mark Gleason, Jon Lewis, Louise Phillips, Emily Powell, Karen Thomson, Lee



Main ideas that came out of discussion:

1. Survey/data on who we are currently serving

2. JR Mobile – take it to them!

3. Translation of materials

4. Community liaison/ambassador/regional hubs

a. Role models

b. Have different phases of implementation

5. ID partners that already work with communities we want to reach

i. National Society of Engineers


iii. Boys and Girls Clubs

iv. GSG (Science for Girls)

v. IBD

vi. Faith based institutions

vii. Museums

viii. Community centers

ix. Business leaders

x. Local politicians

6. Need to build relationships/trust/connect/relate to group/population/community

7. Need for mentors, links to science

8. Career connections at ALL levels of educations

9. Different groups define:

a. Community as a whole/education of citizen

b. K-12 or K-gray

c. Teachers

d. Undergrad

e. Grads

10. Cultural competency rubric – some already exist to assess if our program is meeting this “criteria” for cultural competency