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The ShipMate application turns any inexpensive Android device into a precision ONLINE environmental monitor, defending your valuable shipments and packages from mishandling. Place an Android device running ShipMate in your package, truck, container, or pallet to detect and immediately view:
  • Drops - Shocks and impacts from rough handling
  • Temps - Over-temperature
  • Temps - Under-temperature

  • Tips - Violations of "this side up" constraints
  • Opens - Unauthorized opening of packages or containers
  • Locations - See where a package is right now and where it's been

If a mishandling event occurs, you find out:
  • What - What happened and how bad was it?
  • Where - Precision GPS location of event
  • When - Exact date and time of event.
ShipMate serves the following markets:
  • Electronics and Instruments - Delicate packages that are easily damaged by shock
  • Wine - Keep shipments within allowed temperature bounds
  • Frozen Food - Detect unacceptably high temperatures and partial thaws
  • Live Seafood - Keep live lobster and oysters within tight temperature bounds
  • Valuable Cargo - Monitor times and locations and detect unauthorized opening of box or container



phone - 415.608.0604

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