#ShipScurry -- Race Day Info

Thank you for registering for the Shippensburg Scurry!  We’re so very excited to host you.  Here are a few important details about the weekend.

Campus Criterium

Parking for the criterium is very specific.  Racers, volunteers, spectators, etc. MUST park in the Queen St. commuter parking lot.  The entrance to the parking lot is at the intersection of Queen St & Richards Ave in Shippensburg 17257.  Here’s a link to a map:  http://goo.gl/maps/mmPSs

From the parking lot follow the signs to the race.  There are no bathrooms next to the parking lot, but there are plenty in the Student Union building (we call it the CUB) which is where the start/finish/registration area is.

There is A LOT of stuff happening on campus that day, so please do NOT warm-up on campus.  There are great warm-up roads just off campus on Britton and Fogelsanger Roads. 

Also, please, please, please be nice to police officers and anyone else you encounter on campus.  There are A LOT of activities on campus Saturday and folks may be a bit stressed.  Please take this into account and just be super courteous.  Our being able to do this again is dependent upon rider behavior Saturday.  Thank you.

South Mountain Hill Climb

Our base of operations for both the South Mountain Hill Climb and the Horse Killer Road Race is Southampton Township Park on Airport & Hershey Rd, Shippensburg 17257.  Map link:  http://goo.gl/maps/zr6y8

Do NOT, however, park at the township park (overflow parking only).  Instead, please follow the race parking signs and park behind the Southampton Township Building which is across Hershey Rd from the park.  There will be soccer games and other activities going on at the park and we want to leave those parking lots free for resident use.

There two sets of bathrooms (men’s/women’s) at the park itself, and three port-a-potties in the parking lot of the township building.  (That’s right, seven bathrooms total!)  We’ve reserved the picnic pavilions at the park, so feel free to use.  And there is a sand volleyball pit, so bring a ball.  And just lots of nice grass to lounge around on.

Here’s a link to the actual course:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2161302

Staging will be in the front of the Township building, facing Airport Rd.

The race begins with 2-3 miles of gradual climbing/false flat, then the pitch steepens.  However, for nearly a mile at the top the road is flat again.

Yellow-line rule applies the whole race.  There will be 1 km and 200 m to-go signs at the top.

At the finish, you’ll be directed to continue on the road for another quarter mile or so to a dirt ATV parking lot.  You can rest and regroup there before heading back down the hill.  We’ll have water there for you to refill/replenish.  Those who wish to stow jackets or other clothing in the pace car for your race can do so—the pace car will drop your stuff off with a volunteer at the ATV parking lot.  It will be much cooler on the way down.  We are not responsible for your lost items.

Be careful on the way down!  You must obey the rules of the road, which means staying right, stopping at stop signs, etc.  Other racers and non-race traffic will be using the road.  Be courteous to motorists and residents!

There will be food, chocolate milk, and soda for sale at the park upon your return!

Horse Killer Road Race

Race parking is again at the Southampton Township Building / Southampton Township Park (see note above regarding parking). 

Staging will be in front of the township building, facing Airport Rd.  From staging, there is neutral section just over one mile long as we bring you out to the race loop. 

The race is along narrow country roads.  There are very few potholes or that sort of thing, but the road surfaces vary from super smooth to chip-seal rough.  All of the corners have been well swept, but in some places there is significant cinder/gravel build-up along the side of the road…so be cautious of the shoulders. 

The yellow-line rule will be strictly enforced.  It will be so tempting to cross the line on these windy roads…RESIST THAT TEMPTATION.  The roads are not closed to traffic and sometimes folks get cooking right along in their cars on these empty country roads.  Use caution!

The Horse Killer Road climb comes at about mile six on the map.  It’s a very steep (but mercifully short) climb.  STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE ON THIS CLIMB.

The climb is followed by a steep (but very fun) descent.  The descent begins with a right and then a VERY SHARP LEFT-HAND TURN.  The turn is much sharper than it seems—please use extreme caution your first time down the hill.

The feed zone for the course is shown on the map and is ONLY available for those in the third wave—specifically the Men’s A, Women’s A/B, and Men’s 2/3 fields.  Parking for the feed zone is on the shoulder of the dirt road that intersects the race course at that point.  DO NOT PARK ON THE RACE COURSE IT SELF.  The feed zone itself will be marked with paint on the road.

There will be hot food, cold soda, chocolate milk, chips and cookies for sale in the park all day.

Looking forward to a great race weekend!