#ShipScurry -- 2017 Race Day Info


Saturday, 4/8: Campus Criterium. Right on campus. A three-corner 0.7 mile crit that is almost two corners--two sharp ones and one sweeping downhill one. Finishing line on a little popper right in front of the dining hall. Racing from 8:00 - 3:00.

Map and GPS download here.

Saturday, 4/8: Big Flat Hill Climb. A mass start hill climb. About 7 miles long. Uphill the whole way, but never very steep. You'll gain about 1,000' in elevation. Actually the last 1 km or so is basically flat (thus, "Big Flat"). Most groups will see a sprint finish from a select group. Racing begins at 4:30 from the Cleversburg Community Center.

Sunday, 4/9: Horse Killer Road Race. This is a beauty. Big, long loops through beautiful south-central countryside. Along the foot of the mountains for half the loop, through spralling farms and orchards the other half. And, of course, Horse Killer Road! (But only on the later laps.) Long lap GPS track here. Racing from 8:00 - 3:00. Race staging at the Cleversburg Community Center.

Register here.

Race flyer here.

To volunteer as a course marshal, click here.


SATURDAY – CAMPUS CRITERIUM (racing 8:00 – 3:00)

for the criterium is very specific. Racers, volunteers, spectators, etc. MUST park in the Queen St. commuter parking lot. The entrance to the parking lot is at the intersection of Queen St & Richards Ave in Shippensburg 17257. Here’s a link to a map:  http://goo.gl/maps/mmPSs

From the parking lot follow the signs to the race.  There are no bathrooms next to the parking lot, but there are plenty in the Student Union building (we call it the CUB) which is where the start/finish/registration area is.

There is A LOT of stuff happening on campus that day, so please do NOT warm-up on campus.  There are great warm-up roads just off campus on Britton and Fogelsanger Roads. 

Also, please, please, please be nice to police officers and anyone else you encounter on campus. There are A LOT of activities on campus Saturday and folks may be a bit stressed. Please take this into account and just be super courteous.


Our base of operations for both the South Mountain Hill Climb and the Horse Killer Road Race is the Cleversburg Community Center and Park on White House & Cleversburg Rds, Shippensburg 17257.  Map link:  https://goo.gl/maps/itk8BUAyGEB2

There are a couple of indoor bathrooms and three port-a-pots outside. The community center has been reserved, so you’re welcome to go in and be warm, or sit at the tables, do homework, whatever. Just, you know, be clean.

This is a park, so of course there is grass, and playground equipment, and picnic tables, and a small shelter. Feel free to bring whatever, hang out, and make a party of it.

Last year there was a pizza/sandwich shop right next to the park, but it may have closed for the season—it’s unclear. But we’re not far from town and the usual freeway fungus that infects these sorts of rural areas, so food is not far away.

The race finish is, of course, on top of the mountain. Your lead car will happily tote jackets and vests to the top of the mountain for you, so bring them to the start line. And there will be water available on top too.

Staging will be in the parking lot facing White House Rd.

Yellow-line rule applies the whole race.  There will be 1 km and 200 m to-go signs at the top.

At the finish, BE CAREFUL. Stay right until you’re directed by course marshals to cross the road and enter the campground. There you can catch your breath, collect your jacket, fill a water bottle, and just chill until you decide to go back down the mountain.

And then, of course, on your way down you MUST obey the rules of the road.


SUNDAY – HORSE KILLER ROAD RACE (racing 8:00 – 2:30)

Race parking and race headquarters is again at the Cleversburg Community Center and Park on White House & Cleversburg Rds, Shippensburg 17257.  Map link:  https://goo.gl/maps/itk8BUAyGEB2

Staging will be in the parking lot facing White House Rd.

The race is along narrow country roads. There are very few potholes or that sort of thing, but the road surfaces vary from super smooth to chip-seal rough. All of the corners have been well swept, but in some places there is significant cinder/gravel build-up along the side of the road…so be cautious of the shoulders. 

The yellow-line rule will be strictly enforced. It will be so tempting to cross the line on these windy roads…RESIST THAT TEMPTATION. The roads are not closed to traffic and sometimes folks get cooking right along in their cars on these empty country roads. Use caution!

The Horse Killer Road climb comes at about mile 7.5 on the long course. It’s a very steep (but mercifully short) climb. STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE ON THIS CLIMB.

The climb is followed by a steep (but very fun) descent. The descent begins with a right and then a VERY SHARP LEFT-HAND TURN.  The turn is much sharper than it seems—please use extreme caution your first time down the hill. And STAY RIGHT!

The feed zone (if allowed for your field) will be in the straightaway just past the staging area on White House Rd. Feeders: DO NOT PARK ON THE RACE COURSE IT SELF. Park in race headquarters parking lot and walk to the feed zone.

The finish line is just beyond that, perhaps 500m from the staging area on White House Rd.


Looking forward to a great race weekend!