#ShipScurry -- 2016 Race Day Info

Welcome to the 2016 Ship Scurry Information Page!

We are excited to offer an ECCC and USAC race again this year. Click here for the official race flyer.

The race weekend includes...      

 Saturday  Cleversburg Cycleburg Circuit
    Big Flat Hill Climb (mass start)

 Horse Killer Road Race

 Interested? Click here to register! Registration closes 3/31/2016 at 5:00pm ET. 

Hope to see you there!

Race day specifics:
  • Address to plug into your GPS is 5 Whitehouse Road, Cleversburg PA. There is overflow parking in the rear gravel lot.         DO NOT park in the parking lot next to the municipal building on Cleversburg Road. 

  • Speaking of the municipal building, we have rented the building for both Saturday and Sunday, but Saturday another group is coming and we need to be out by 5pm. Please be courteous when the other group arrives and do not be in or use the bathrooms inside.
  • There will be three port-o-potties on the paved parking lot. On the outside of the municipal building across the walking bridge from the parking lot there are also two more restrooms. With the exception of after 5pm on Saturday, you can also use the bathrooms just inside the municipal building as well. 
  • If you're craving your mid-day feast, there's plenty to eat. The only place to eat in walking distance is an Italian pizza/sub shop adjacent to the park. Everything else (Alfredo's Pizza, Sheetz, Brother's Pizza[we recommend the burritos],  Subway, "Select" family diner, Taco Bell, KFC, the list goes on...) you'll need to drive/ride back into town.


  • Our mass start hill climb is gonna be a blast! Please note that there will be a football game at the park starting at 7pm on Saturday. You're more than welcome to stay and watch (free admission!) but if you're not, please try to clear the parking lot for football event parking.
  • Staging for the road race and hill climb will be at the paved parking lot, with a neutral roll-out to the start line of the course. Staging for the circuit will be at the parking lot on the corner of Gilbert and Walnut Dale, just up the road from the parking area. We'll make announcements for when you should make your way over.

Nelson Beimfohr,
Mar 2, 2016, 7:20 AM