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Why an Email Newsletter, and Why ShinyPen?"

Especially for doctors right now, it's very important to nurture a robust and loyal customer base.  Quick, inexpensive, mini-clinics are giving family practices everyone a new type of serious competition and national chains like CVS or Walgreens have begun putting doctors in their stores to run "minute clinics."  And on the horizon are major upheavals to the financial side of medicine as the Federal Government works on a major overhaul.

An email newsletter campaign is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools on the internet.  It's not only a great way to check in with your customers each month, it's a subtle, unobtrusive reminder of you and what you can do for them.

But a newsletter isn't just good for it's own sake, it enhances and supports any current marketing efforts you may have.  How is your website doing, or your blog?  With HTML email newsletters, you can link to all of your online, marketing, or social media activities.  This leads to a more prominent online presence, and increased traffic to your webpages.

And even if a customer is too busy to read your newsletter, they will still know that you were thinking of them.  This reminder can spur them to action, maybe calling to make an appointment later on in the day, or possibly forward your newsletter--and in a way your services--to a few friends.

However, a newsletter can be difficult and time consuming, that is, if you do it yourself.  Let ShinyPen Newsletters do all the heavy lifting for you! Our service handles everything from content creation to template design and setup to email list management. All you have to do is collect those emails from your customers!

When you use our service, a newsletter goes out each month sent from your email address, with your custom masthead, your "about us" and contact information, to only the receipients on your email list.  To everyone on your email list, it will look like you personally created, wrote, and distributed a newsletter--and that you've gotten pretty good at HTML lately too!

And instantly after a newsletter is sent, you can log in to your ShinyPen newsletter account and see reports that track everything from number of bounced emails--who bounced and why--to who clicked what link and how many times.

Do you have an iPhone or similar mobile device?  We now have a mobile formatted portal that will let you pour over your newsletter campaign reports from wherever, whenever!

Start building strong relationships with your customers today and sign-up now!

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