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Looking for a Meaningful Pursuit?


Shinseido Karate


Shinseido Karate holistic life-skills embrace an art and philosophy that acts both as a very enjoyable recreation and also as a serious life changing pursuit that will increase health, confidence and an understanding of oneself and others.


Men and women of age 18 and above


Shinseido Karate is underpinned by a practical self-defence system that teaches you how to defend yourself in the most matter of fact way possible - no flamboyance, no unnecessary moves.  It is a system that teaches the use of intrinsic energy and impulse force that even a comparatively small and ‘weak’ person could use with practise.


You don't have to be fit to start!


We hope that coming to your first class will be less daunting when you know that this is a small ‘family’ style.  Everyone will give you a warm welcome, help you to assimilate the art and become an integral part of the group right from the outset.

Shinseido Karate is a thinking person’s life skill, steeped in history but not a slave to it.  It is an eclectic self-defence system derived from Shorin Ryu (Shaolin Tsu), the method employed by the nineteenth century bodyguards to the kings of the Ryukyu Islands.  We have a great depth of understanding of the origins of our art, however, we are not bodyguards neither are we warriors fighting battles in feudal times; our culture and needs are significantly different. 



Shinseido Karate has been heavily influenced by the generic white crane system of southern China and over time has become stylistically like some soft styles of kung-fu, such as Tai chi (Taiji), Hsing-I (Xing Yi) or Pa kua (Ba gua); economical and flowing, with movements that lead to an understanding of self-preservation through low impact practice with others. 

Participation in Shinseido Karate leads to an assimilation of the mental and philosophical ideals embedded in the evolution of the Okinawan martial arts system that underpins Shinseido Karate, but allows us to use it both physically and metaphysically, to meet the modern day social realities of contemporary society.

You will quickly gain insights into our spirituality and philosophy which is rooted in peace and harmony.  You will learn how to recognize and deal with aggression and violence in its many forms and manage it in a peaceful way where at all possible, as required by statutory law of the land.  In self defence we will not hesitate to cross the street to avoid trouble, but if there were absolutely no other choice we know how to respond on a much more reactive level. 

Shinseido Karate is a practical style that teaches you how to defend yourself in the most matter of fact way possible.  It is not showy or designed to impress, there is no flamboyance, and no unnecessary moves.  Nevertheless Shinseido Karate is extremely effective as a self defence system and in achieving its aim of improving ones overall feeling of healthful well-being, confidence and self esteem. 

Training in Shinseido Karate will help you come to know yourself better, and to feel more connected both within and without.  It is aimed at improving one’s mind, body and spirit and makes for a more enjoyable and meaningful life style. 

Shinseido Karate is a living art.  Its teachers are not style bound or afraid to evolve and adapt according to new understanding.

Shinseido Karate will help you to understand that change is a core aspect of life.  The training process will teach you how to learn.  You will develop skills to help you accept change, and learn that safety and stability are illusions which can come at a price.  Shinseido Karate fills the psychological and emotional holes in each person on a individual basis and makes them complete in themselves.

Roger Sheldon, 7th degree black belt and founder of Shinseido with more than forty years experience.


“The practise of Shinseido Karate instils confidence and self-esteem and leads to a healthier, more peaceful and calm life.”


Regular practise means more than the physical aspect of our training which is aimed at conditioning focussed and automatic responses that are proportionate to the gravity of any assault.  We know our system works, on whatever level you are obliged to use it.  Every technique you learn will be justified - we will prove that it works because if it does not then we won't expect you to use it. 

If you are looking for a self-defence system where you learn how to respond to an assault peacefully or with necessary reasonable force, then Shinseido Karate is for you.  Training is provided in a friendly semi-informal manner.  We enjoy the training sessions, they are great fun and laughter is a regular feature.  Practise of Shinseido Karate engenders a respectful training ethic that attracts and keeps good people and then brings out the best in them.



Here is a rare chance to be taught by highly qualified teachers.  Chief Instructor Roger Sheldon 7th dan embarked upon his training in 1974.  He has trained thousands of professionals in peaceful response.  Senior Teacher Tony Asquith 7th dan began training in 1987. 

Come and see what we do, bring a friend and join in or watch.  There is no obligation to become a member, and you will find us friendly and approachable.  Our attitude is best summed up by the way we start each class - we do not line up military style, we form a circle - each member is valued.

We are able to accommodate total beginners anytime as our training programme is continuous and ongoing.  Practitioners from other self defence, combat or martial arts systems, of any grade, are also welcome, particularly those who have become disillusioned with their own systems and are looking for something with greater depth.


The Surprising Truth about Shinseido Karate!

Do you want to train in martial arts as a sport, win trophies and cups and be judged by the colour of your belt?

This club is not for you.  Shinseido Karate is not a sport, you don't win trophies and we don't wear belts

Do you want to impress your friends with your new found self-defence skills, be able to smash wood boards and bricks and march up and down filled with machismo, punching, kicking and shouting?

This club is not for you.  We never brag about what we can do, we don't smash wood boards and we are not militaristic.

Do you want modern school’s martial arts as 'keep fit’ and to be told what to do without space to question?

This club is not for you.  While you will 'keep fit' by training in Shinseido Karate, that is not the primary aim.  We encourage questions and once you have learned the basics we encourage individualism.



Do you want to learn a life-skill that has sufficient depth to keep you interested even if you pursue the art for the rest of your life?

This club is for you.  There is so much depth to Shinseido Karate practically, mentally, historically and philosophically that you will never run out of things to explore and learn. 

Do you want to become healthy, increase your strength and coordination and be able to deal comfortably with situations that life throws at you?

This club is for you.  Shinseido Karate is training for everyday, contemporary living in our society in the here and now.  

Do you want to discover who you really are, learn to express yourself confidently or find meaning to life?

This club is for you.  Shinseido Karate is an ideal vehicle for discovering a great deal about yourself leading to a quiet confidence and personal understanding of your existence.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Shinseido Karate is a member of the Okinawan Martial Arts Association