About Mrs. Eiko Suzuki
The first Ph.D. in Ikebana in the world

Mrs. Eiko Suzuki is teaching Ikebana in Osaka and in my home town, Hiroshima. I was so lucky to meet her and honored to have her as my Ikebana instructor. She has been studying Ikebana for almost 50 years and became a first Ph.D. in Ikebana in the past year, while conducting media interviews and demonstrations throughout Japan and internationally. I have learned so much from her, not only skills for arrangements and how to make jokes (!) She values a dialogue with flowers and plants to let the true nature of them come to the fore in the arrangement, more than the rules and forms of Ikebana. Let’s say, she is like a bamboo which is soft but never broken by the wind. We used to talk a lot, especially about philosophical aspect from Zen(one of Buddhism thoughts), as I like the poems of Mitsuo Aida a lot, who was influenced by that. Since she is such a great person, it's natural that her students are also people whose hearts are full of love and warmth. If you ever have a chance to go to Hiroshima, why don’t you stop by? Her class always welcomes you with the amazing hospitality.


With Mrs. Eiko Suzuki

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