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Summer petit-ikebana exhibition held on July 2nd, 2011
As usual, we held a summer exhibition at Fuveszkert. This time, many of students brought plants from their yard and enjoyed "making them live" in their compositions. Although materials available here are different from Japan's, the spirit from ikebana should be applicable to bring their beauty to the fore.
 Appreciating her contribution to my ikebana lessons and congratulating her graduation from Karoli univ. as well as getting a job. Then she received a present from the class and myself!  
Class mates watching
I'm the one who has to do, but my angels always thank me and give me a surprise present...this time was a treasure box with their love letters!
 ~ Thank you for visiting us! Guests~
 Japanese boy met a young Hungarian girl..
 Old members also came and we were very happy to see them                                                                                  Ayuko's angels
        Chatting and eating                                                                              and the end with big smiles 

I used sun flowers because of not only flowers for summer, but also its characteristic; they turn their face towards the sun, the positive aspect.  It is our strength in Japanese, never losing a hope even after such a terrible catastrophe in Japan.  I believe this is the essence of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, accepting in a positive way to live a better life, and that's what the world needs now. To spread this is my ambition that I would like to keep throughout my life regardless where I will be.