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Winter petit-ikebana exhibition held on December 11th, 2010
As usual, we hold a winter exhibition at Fuveszlert  to conclude this year. The weather was very severe, and that might have stopped many guests to visit us, but we had a very special time surrounded by all white outside.
 It was her first participation to the exhibition;)
 Thanks to Fuveszkert, she made it to recreate their garden in her composition!
 She knew Tulip is a  mismatch for the season, but wanted to use for the color of  pine tree.
 Whenever she comes, she enjoys practicing itself making several arrangements.  That means her focus is not on a purpose, but on a process, and that is how to enjoy Japanese traditional arts, and I feel quite rewarding to meet such a person.
 She chose lily because that was a flower of Virgin Mary being conscious of  Christmas.
    Started with my fully trusted translator 
Guests. I appreciate they came in snow.. 
A big surprise from them was a cake with caramel on top                                                            Thank you my angels always! I am very lucky with you..
He was very sweet(as usual) to cut the cake for everyone:) 
 By the time we left, this much snow was accumulated, though there was no when we came 

 I was impressed that everybody brought their own plants thikning over, though it is not easy to get appropriate meterials for ikebana in Hungary. While most of them don't feel an importance on repeating in practice, one student said, that the more she learns, the more interesting ikebana is, and it was really rewarding to have such students.  
Petit-ikebana Exhibition held on April 17th, 2010
As a part of annual Sakura festival at Fuveszkert, we held ikebana event, including exhibiting our works. Many of students included pink blossoms in regard to the image of sakura color!  
She got a 3rd prize from Haiku competition held here on the same day!  
 Part 1. Open lesson: Guests can observe how we make an ikebana arrangement
                                                Many popped in, some stayed curiously
Part 2. Exhibition:  We made a brief comment of each work   
Explaining                                                                                                      Listening, photo taking
Part 3. Presentation about Sakura: Why it is special to Japanese     
 Thank you for your translation!                                                                          Telling the difference of aesthetic sence between Japan and Western
Part 4. Hanami party: Picnic under sakura branches            
  Yammy! Some brought their friends, and familiy                                                                                              Very beautiful weather!    

We had a lovely day though the beginning of the week had kept raining and cold! Students brought sweets and I brought Makizushi :), and they were tasty because we  enjoyed the atmosphere very much!