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Petit-ikebana Exhibition held on December 12th, 2009 
 This was our 2nd and last exhibition in 2009. Everybody expressed the feeling of winter season, especially Christmas this time. I again felt the power of ikebana, as it brought us together to make this possible in a foreign country. That might not have happened if we had just liked flowers. 











Preperation-before open for public  

                                                                                      Program started with a surprise-present from my students! 



 explaining  about their compositions and comment on ikebana lessons
Visitors(thank you for coming!)
This was the present - which is priceless;
my students are all different, but very nice, and we're good friends.  I am very lucky with them : )
It's not easy to get appropriate  materials for ikebana in Hungary. But I am so proud of my students, one who bleached brunches much earlier, one who visited many florists, one who pre-ordered, one who went to the forest, etc... and I missed those who couldn't make it to participate this time. Hope all of you are enjoining listening to what flowers want, and cheered by them.  If I'm alone what I can do is little, but if you can spread this beauty, that's multiple!   





Petit-ikebana exhibition held on June 27, 2009

This was the first ikebana exhibition by my students and only one by the current ikebana class in Hungary! I'm very pleased and honored because this shows - done by people in Hungary using plants there - what ikebana can appeal is universal. 

























                    Preparation                                                                                               Speech for opening the exhibition with my angels' help


Students & visitors listening



 short presentation about each arrangement by students



Although it was the very first exhibition, thanks to you, who helped me with preparation, made arrangements, visited all the way to admire our arrangements, and of course, Fuveszkert staff,  it was quite successful!  I hope to see you again next time, and those who could not participate or come for some reasons, I hope you can make it next time.


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