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  • Ikebana Workshop for Hiroshima City International-house Festival on November 4, 2012
As a program of Hiroshima I-House's annual festival, I was honored to hold a workshop. Participants are from China, Finland, the US, and Japan :) I hope they could feel an autmn life from making a composition.
Including my usual students and friend's guests, 7 people participated.
  •  Hungary-Hiroshima Friendship Association's annual general meeting at Hiroshima City International House on August 5th, 2012   
 I made a presentation about teaching Ikebana in Hungary.  There were  50 participants and  after my presentation, I was itroduced that I hold a lesson for foreiners here in Hiroshima as well and Ikebana compositions for the party were  displayed by my students.


 During my presentation, I focused on followings; My purpose of this activity is to introduce  Japan's heart, and I learnt a lot from my students' personality and making myself move let people help me naturally, that I should never forget to appreciate, and I will do my best at each time. 
  •  Fuveszkert Sakura Festival on April 9-10, 2011 
It was timely to have a Sakura festival at Fuveszkert. First, our lesson was open for public and some came to watch. Of couse my angels came to help me.  
After the open lesson, I made a usual presentation about Japanese love towards Cherry blossoms and ikebana demonstration.
I made rolled sushi as usual for Hanami picnic and they loved it :)
Being far from Japan, we thought of there under cherry tress, who is reeling from the disaster. We send you a positive energy and smile!! We love Japan!
  •  Japanese speach contest at Sz. László Gimnázium on March 20th, 2011
Annual event for Hungarians to compete by how skillful their Japanese are. Due to a disaster in Japan a week before, there was a possibility to be canceled, specially ikebana part, due to flowers, but this is to give a hope. The event started with prayers for Japan, and Hungary-Japan friendship asso. asked a donation.

Japanese ambassodor's speech                                  Telling buds of Magnolia are used to let you imagin of blooming 

Thanks to my translator,  I felt less pressure despite of many official people from Japanse embassy, The Foundation,  universities etc. plus, many concerned.  I hope my speech deepened their interest in Japanese culture and traditions, as well as encouraging their motivation to learn Japanese for students.  Indeed,  at the last part, they conclude this event quoting my sentence, "bringing the best aspect to the fore".
To watch the video of my demonstration
  • Ikebana Workshop for Moveone on November 24th, 2010
 As one of party events for company's clients, ikebana workshop was held.  They said it was one of most successful events as attendance percentage was 100%(nobody canceled). And this turned out to be a very unique inspiring event with philosophical insight through a process of making an arranegement.
 Watching a  demonstration, learning relationship between materials.
 Started making their first ikebana arrangement                                               Finishing with my assist                     

 To my surprise, they decided not to bring home flowers but rather happy to leave for Moveone staff to view. I could pass the message-to please flowers, that pleases yourself. 
  • Karoli class 2nd anniversary~Video watching of  Autumn foliage in Japan on November 19th, 2010
  • Children Day at Petofi csarnok on July 23rd, 2010

There was Children's Day organized by my student, and asked me to make an ikebana  demonstration for kids. I was ready to talk for them, but there was no kids..

After finished a demonstration, questions, and thank you for watching! 
  • Lecture about Wabi-Sabi, Japanese aesthetics at Karoli university on April 20th, 2010

I was invited to the university as one of lecuterers for Karoli students who study Japan. I chose this tpic to talk, as this is what I want to introduce through ikebana. 

 Unfortunately no photos from this lecture, but I was very honored to be said by Karoli univ. that students  found my lecture the most interesting among all which were done by professional teachers.

  • Sakura festival at Fuveszkert botanical garden in Budaepst on April 17th, 2010
Annual event of Fuveszkert, to admire Japanese cherry blossoms in their garden. I will have an open lesson from 10AM so public can watch how the authentic lesson is and then we'll exhibit arrangements. From 1PM, I'll  make a demonstration regarding my favorite topic: sakura  ......>see the exhibition page
The hotel held Japan day for Hungarian citizens to feel closer to Japan, as there's Suzuki factory in this town and there are Japanese living here.      
Since I had only 30 minutes, I asked them to know only this " What  is Ikebana?- Make flowers live"
One of the audience helped me to translate and she was perfect!                        Hoping they could feel the spring...
 Afterwards, I took a walk around this beautiful city. It seems Esztergom has a lot of Japanese tourist groups, and the hotel had one at their restaurant today and they were very curisou:) 
  • Karoli class 1st anniversary work shop at Karoli university on November 27th, 2009

To celebrate that it's been a year since Karoli class started, we held workshop that anybody can try ikebana.

Presentation about ikebana history.....hopefully nobody fell into sleep.... zzzzzz....

My angels made a slide show of photos from classes and looked back this one year


~Workshop part2, making an arrangement~


 Mom & Daughters, and my student is helping               New angel's first trial ;) 

 Thank you for those who brought snacks and  sweets which is as essential as flowers(!?) I hope this deepened your understanding of what underlies in ikebana, and interesed  you more by its deapth.    


This is one of my favourite city in Hungary, small but very pretty. I am honoured to make a performance here. 


telling not necessary to use a special container and many flowers for ikebana

My translator laughed to say "flowers speak"!     But  one lady came after the demo to tell she belives the flowers thank you who show them more beautiful than before, which  was   very  rewarding..    


Thanks to great preparation by Ataru Taiko, many people came to see with a big interest.  Since here was far from Budapest, most of people haven't seen ikebana arrangements.  My arrangements were not gorgeous and overwhelming, but I hope they felt autumn atmosphere through them and "this was the beginning of" their long interest in Japanese traditional arts.


 A secondary school in Budapest will introduce Japanese language in their program, and held a festivity event regarding Japan for their students.

after little talk, thinking how to interest teenager girls              with a cute helper fromELTE Univ.

hopefully they could feel the beauty of ikebana came from compassion



 Opening ceremony of photo exhibition by Hungary-Japan Friendship Society on May 5, 2009

I was honored to display my arrangements with seasonal materials to raise the mood of the party.



Annual event at Fuveszkert botanical garden in Budapest. To appreciate beauty of  Japan cherry blossoms in their gadern, Japanese cultural programs are planned between April 4th-19th. I'm going to make a presentation about cherry blossoms-why so important to Japanese, and of course, ikebana demo using cherry blossoms.    

It was a beautiful day. I started talking about sakura, which has a beaty that can appeal the most to the sence of Japanese aesthetic due to its grace & dignity, moderation, and transience 


Afterwards, we had a picnic under cherry branches("hanami")

My student's kids ~adorable!!!

I brought a lot of rolled sushi, too much for my students, but                                                                              many outsiders were curious and joined-I was honoured :)


               Interviewed  by a lady from MR1 radio                                  Click here  to listen      

  • Japan Day by Budapest Spring Festival 2009 at Thalia theater in Budapest on March 21-22, 2009 

The year of 2009 marks 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Hungary and the 40th anniversary of the resumption of those relations. Commemorating this special year, Budapest Festival Center plans to organize Japan Day at the spring festival and people can experience Japanese culture incluginf ikebana. 




 Huge crowd to enter into  Thalia         =>My   angel was a great help not only in translating!



 So many people came over, from young generation to senior. The event seems to be quite successful, and again I confirmed how much Hungarians are fond of Japan


with the pride of Ohara school                                                                 




I had some guests. Cute reporters interviewed me to write article about ikebana on their web-news. Click here for reading their report (only in Hungarian..)                                                                          And tea ceremoney people; I was honord to help them with  my arrangement.                                

This vase is from my angels at last X'mas and the stones were from  a lady who liked my arranegements on 1st day - she wanted to show her gratitude by giving these, painting flowers with her  impression on what she saw! You see, it's full of love.


Otsukaresama! It was a bit hard, and the place was an air of excitment, hot( not enough oxygen) but we enjoyed very much. Hopefully  they could feel that ikebana was not something for practical reason and find "life" there. Many thanks to those who helped me for this event.

Click here to read my angel's summary about these 2 days


 Magyar Gyula school had an open day for public in commemoration of its new building, and my demonstration was one of their programs.

waiting for me to start....                                                    Taking a photo after I finished

                                                                         School gave me this present during my demo, arigato gozaimasu!

                       Many people including teachers came to watch!                                                            



 The biggest Bonsai group in Hungary held an international exhibition of Bonsai and its opening ceremony started with Taiko play and Japanese ambassador's speech. Along with this exhibition, Japanese traditional culture demonstrations were on the program. I made an ikebana demonstration for 1 hour everyday.


Done by one of the audience!Opening at Bonsai collections

Doing ikebana w/o understanding our religeous tradition is just "skill and play" , and what you can learn from ikebana would be different  


Brisk exchange with the audience this day, from Lithuania and Slovakia and Zoo....



Focusing on a feeling of the season is important                     Special thanks to my translator!

Students from Karoli university where I'm going to teach!                       Otsukaresama!          




  • Photo session for Magazine SHAPE on August 29, 2008
The Hungarian magazine called SHAPE was interested in my ikebana and wanted to have me in their December(delayed 2 month) issue as Japanese cultural topic.



 Family Day at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Ltd.  on June 21, 2008 in Mór

SEWS in Hungary held a family day on June 21st in Mor, fitting Japanese cultural programs in this event. I was resposible for Ikebana section.

                          Many families stopped by                 This boy, saying he liked flowers, was waiting for me to start  passoinately and happily watching  now.

Explaning that  Ikebana can be made from only one flower with a common salad bowl


This arrangement and container was popular...                       

 4 arrangements and finished!

Inside story: I was offered by a lady at the market to get materials from her garden freely and gave me more than what I chose. So I tried to use  all by making them "live". Thank you!



  • Demonstration at the meeting of Hungary-Japan Friendship Society on June 16, 2008 in Budapest

    I was invited to make a demonstration at the monthly meeting of Hungary-Japan friendship society on June 16th.

     Explaning leaves play an important role too                               Members watch demonstration


  • ← Got curious about the trick                                         Finish! 




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