Welcome to Shinkendo Boston! 

Shoshinkan Shinkendo Dojo is the only authorized branch of the International Shinkendo Federation located in Massachusetts, and the New England States.
Shinkendo was founded by Master Toshishiro Obata, and is dedicated to the study of authentic Samurai Swordsmanship. Students learn the history and traditions of the Samurai, and learn practical, real combat techniques passed down from centuries of battle-tested methods. Shinkendo is as much a philosophy as it is a form of martial art. The name, Shin (sincere, serious or truth) – Ken (sword) – Do (the way ) can be interpeted as meaning, "The way of the true sword." Click on Structure of Shinkendo to learn more. 
Shinkendo offers us a way to pursue truth with full sincerity and deep commitment, and to improve ourselves spiritually and physically. This should be one’s constant goal in life. Obata Kaiso teaches us, “Jin-Sei Shinkendo,” or “Life is Shinkendo.” For more on Shinkendo, please visit the Shinkendo Hombu website.  


                        Shaffee-Sensei & Konstantine-sensei demonstrating Kamae

Shinkendo Shoshinkan Dojo, head instructor is Dr. Shaffee Bacchus. Shaffee-Sensei holds teaching license in Shinkendo and Toyama Ryu swordmanship and Bojutsu.

Shinkendo Shoshinkan Dojo was named by Obata-Kaiso, and means an initial earnest approach to practice or training. If you are interested in studying Shinkendo please contact Shaffee-sensei at
Soshinkan.Shibucho@gmail.com or call (781) 875-1173

            Private classes and seminars are also available. Please call for details.  


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