The Saga Goryu School in Portland was established by the Bishop Daiyu Y. Henjyoji in  1940, as part of the Daihonzan Henjyoji Temple Cultural Center. In the late-50’s both he and his wife, Mrs. Wako Henjyoji, were actively teaching, demonstrating, and holding Ikebana exhibitions in the region. 

After 1961, when the Bishop Henjyoji became head of the Jobodai-in Temple in Koyasan, Japan, he divided his time between Koyasan and Portland. Mrs. Wako Henjyoji remained in the U.S. and continued their Saga School. In 1974, her school was designated as Saga-Goryu, North America Branch. Since 2011, Mr Shunko Komeiji continues as head of Saga Goryu Hokubei Shisho.