Japanese Cultural Academy

Ikebana (生花): Saga Goryu is an ikebana (flower arrangement) school that is said to have begun when Emperor Saga arranged chrysanthemums blooming on Kiku-ga-jima Island to present to the court. They were also said to have been presented to Emperor Heijo, an older brother. Even after 1,200 years, his spirit of loving nature and plants is succeeded to Saga Goryu ikebana classes nationwide.

Chadō (茶道): The Way of Tea

Shodō (書道): The Way of Calligraphy

Goeika Wasan (御詠歌 和讃): Poetry Song

Budō (武道) means "martial way". Bu can also mean chivalry, its implication being that education and thoughtful practice are part of the ‘martial’.  Do - in addition to way, also implies path or road.  At Henjyoji we study, train, and practice to discipline the body, mind, and spirit to embody the principles of bushido (武士道), the samurai code of chivalry - "the way of the warrior"; the ethics, values and principles of the martial way.  It is a path that Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike may walk as it develops individual and community growth, health, and well being on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Sumi-e (墨絵風): Ink Painting Style