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Our school is nationally recognized (Rijkserkend) as a member of the NCS (Nederlandse Culturele Sportbond) and is part of the ISF-AB (International Shinkendo Federation – Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai). Students of Shinkendo and Aikido are required to become members of the International Shinkendo-Aikido Federation. Members are fully entitled to the rights and privileges contained therein. 

The Shinbukan Dojo (school) offers classes in the martial arts aikido and shinkendo. Students can choose to train in one or both of the arts. Both are based on traditional and practical techniques that you can directly integrate in and apply to all areas of your life. 

The school is a community where members:
- Develop martial arts techniques and strategies
- Learn self-defense
- Improve inner calmness, confidence and awareness
- Train for a strong, supple and healthy body
- Learn about Japanese culture and philosophy
- Enjoy training with a group of like-minded people
- Develop a deeper understanding of personal fulfillment through engagement and contribution to the community and greater community

Contact information:
Shinbukan Dojo Amsterdam

You can also find us on Facebook