NOTE - This sheet is intended to help with calculations and creating a printable sheet. It DOES NOT enforce requirements or addenda rules. 
You CAN use this sheet to make an invalid character. It is your responsibility to know the rules and not cheat!

This sheet is designed for use with Excel 2007 or newer. 
It works with the free online Excel at https://office.live.com/start/Excel.aspx.
It does not work with other spreadsheet software or with Google Sheets. 
If you would like to create an OpenOffice/OfficeLibre/Office2003/Google Sheets/etc. version, I will be glad to answer questions on how this sheet works.

Current sheet v0.54

Status cheat sheets
Camarilla - https://goo.gl/M7pntJ
Anarch - https://goo.gl/Wfiixz
Independent Alliance - https://goo.gl/eLTTi9
Sabbat - https://goo.gl/2NDgcs

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Change log
Updated to 9/1/2018 XP system
Set monthly XP at 8/month, or 12/month on AGR for XP earned after 9/1/2018
Removed Graduated Cap for XP earned after 9/1/2018
Set monthly XP at 8/month, or 12/month on AGR for XP earned after 9/1/2018
Updated Floor XP calculation

added Prominent status for Camarilla Luminary Elder

Fixed copy paste tab
Fixed skills on 2 page print sheet

fixed 2 page sheet header

added Silenced ranged weapon quality
moved creation Flaws to the top of the the XP log to avoid negative numbers in the total column
added support for up to 10 Allies and Contacts for Independent Alliance MES Custom Merits
added Direct Coordinator name and email fields

updated CCD/NPC XP label and comment on Experience Log
fixed Blood Pool dots on print sheets for Dhampir
added Golconda Seeker discount for Salubri Healer
added Clan Postion to Input and Print sheets
added Status Ban to Input and Print sheets
dynamically remove blank lines on CopyPaste tab
added Athletics ranged attack pool to Print sheets

changed Path of Enlightement merit text to be more setting neutral, listing point cost rather than in clan or discount
added Soul Shard to General Flaws
removed Seconday character option
fixed Earned XP display on Input Sheet (was showing intial XP)
fixed Event XP total/year calculation
removed custom 6 dot Vestiges of Greatness Caitiff merit
fixed Experience Log comment auto row height
changed Experience Log overcap highlighting to only for Live Game or Downtime XP
removed MES custom IA merit The Hand the Guides the Sheep
added MES custom IA merit Signed In Blood

Fixed floor XP below zero for pre-chronicle character creation
Fixed Supernatural Aria XP Next rounding
Cleared testing data from input fields

fixed Event XP calculation

added MES custom Guardian status to Anarch Ambassador
added MES custom Independed Alliance positions, statuses, merits, and flaws

fixed spelling errors on Input Sheet
changed several validation rules from Stop to Warning, to allow users to override validation when needed
added support for 6th Fleeting status for Reputation merit
added support for 10 additional backgrounds (see notes tab)
renamed Clan rarity merits to Clan/Bloodline to make them more clear
added Graduated XP support to Experience Log
added a skill notes section to the Notes tab, for drive specs, overflow lores, etc
fixed formatting for skills over 5 dots on 2 page sheet
fixed removed merits and flaws printing on 2 page sheet
fixed status borders on 2 page sheet
added approvals to 2 page sheet
fixed page breaks on 4 page sheet
fixed second approval column on 4 page sheet

Fix camarilla status positions for Sheriff, Scourge, Elder, Ancilla, Neonate

added initial XP caclulation for MES NPCs by approval level
widened derangements input section for description and trigger
fixed sabbat ritae conditional formatting
added conditional formatting to Earned XP on Experience Log to highlight yellow if below the floor, and red if above the max (NOTE: XP Floor in this sheet is calculated for a character that will enter play DURING the current month. The spreadsheet linked from the addenda is calculated for a character that will enter play AFTER the current month)
added Camarilla Inner Circle, Imperator, Justicar, Archon, Alastor as selectable sources of status
added Sabbat Regent as selectable sources of status
added False Sabbat as a status "position" 
fixed prerequisites for Feast of Shadow Technique
fixed the spelling on Setite Sorcery merit
added Emissary to the Camarilla, Master of Puppets, Monopoly merits for Independents
removed Emissary to the Camarilla merit for Camarila sect members
fixed Intense Vitality calculation for all input sheet merit cells (was only adding if it was the top merit)
added 2 page print sheet layout
dynamically remove blank lines on CopyPaste tab

fixed gen calculation for non-diabolists

set Current XP on Input_Sheet to dynamically update from input sheet entries (Current XP on Experience_Log still reflects the log entries)
added conditional formatting to Current XP on Experience_Log if it does not match Input_Sheet
added Combat calculations on print sheet
added Morality to Copy/Paste sheet
Fix Technique discipline lookup for Discipline in C91
added Cardinal to the Sabbat sect position status list
add Coterie/Pack to input and print sheets
update generation number and dots for diabolists
add support for MES addenda rule to pay xp for generation from diablerie
several updates to Instructions/FAQ, esp. Diablerie section and Experience Log tab

fixed additional discipline display in Discipline section once selected in Merit section

added more detailed error message for attribute dots exceeding generation cap
fixed additional discipline dropdown selector
fixed backgrounds on copypaste sheet (again)
changed Event XP conditional formatting from 15 to 20

added Earned XP calculation back in to input sheet and experience log
fixed double add of Flaw XP when calculting Current XP

fixed display bug with additional discipline field if you selected the discipline in the Discipline section first
fixed background sort order on copypaste sheet
changed XP fields to show Current and Total, removing Initial and Earned

fixed health boxes on print sheet
changed Current XP and XP Remaining to calculate from Input Sheet instead of Experience_Log
changed Total XP back to earned XP on Experience_Log

updated Chronicle max XP calculation on Experience_Log
added Floor XP calculation on Experience_Log
combined initial and earned XP into Total XP on Experience_Log
added Path of Blood
fixed missing Background dots on CopyPaste sheet

fixed merit removal dropdown

fixed thaumaturgy pool calculation

widened xp checker columns to properly display 3 digit numbers
fixed diablerie section on input sheet
added discipline pools to print sheet

added support for methuselah NPCs
fixed Flaw buy off fields
reorganized player info, moved MC fields to the bottom to make copy/paste between versions easier
added Sabbat Loyalist abiding status as a "position"
fixed skill and background creation dots on Experience Log and CopyPaste sheets

added max Chronicle Earned XP calculator
added Event XP tracker
fixed Elder Power formatting for 8th gen
fixed Mortis Path xp costs for Premascine and Samedi
fixed Ghoul blood pool and blood per turn

added Sabbat ritae section
highlighting xp next column if the cost is more than available xp
show initial and earned xp totals on experience log sheet
added version number to Instructions-FAQ tab

fixed xp log checker for discipline rows 11 and 12
fixed missing Wolf's Blood technique
added 6 point version of Vestiges of Greatness merit
Allies and Contacts details on copy/paste
fixed additional focus formatting for Auspicious Versatile merit
changed exp on copy paste tab to look at earned/spent columns instead of date columns

fixed health boxes for Stamina as second physical spec
changed formatting for attribute, skill, and background focuses/specs on input sheet
added Anointed Innate Status for Sabbat
added lore spec for Keeper of a Sacred Text
added instructions for using the MES MC milestone benefit on in clan disciplines

added dhamipr
added rituals for Sorcerous Dabbler

fixed skill and background specs formatting on print sheet
added status to copy/paste
added rituals to copy/paste

fixed copy/paste Performance and Science spec alignment
fixed copy/paste XP log creation points

added Mercurial Vitality technique

added thaum 2 ritual Craft Bloodstone
added handling for Skill Aptitude skill cap

fix generation for Thin Blooded flaws
occult, performance and security alignment on copy paste sheet
fixed CCD xp on copy/paste sheet
fixed performance dots on print sheet for skill over 5

added support for Artists Blessing and Supernatural Aria
added numerical generation to print sheet

fixed health boxes for Fortitude on last 2 Disc lines
added Antique equipment third quality

fixed Performance and Science focus alignment on print sheet
fixed Backgrounds on Creation Log
increased out of clan discipline lines to 8

fixed discipline free dots after the first Out of Clan
added Allies and Contacts details (note, this increased print layout to 4 pages)
fixed in clan thaum and necro past 2 additional paths
added rituals to print sheet
fixed approval section input

Added Instructions-FAQ tab
fixed experience log discpline creation point(free point) calculation
fixed xp cost for diabolists from neonate to ancilla

fixed Elder power drop down and xp calculation

added Sabbat rituals background
fixed formatting for starting xp over 100
renamed "starting" xp to "initial"
fixed necromancy rituals cost column
fixed Social and Mental attribute free dot calculation
fix Malkavian expanded consciousness merit & 3rd mental focus
fix Lasombra angelic visage merit & 3rd social focus
Change Overcap to Event xp
separate MC xp from earned xp

copy paste for apps db

Added Free Dots column to Attributes, Skills, Backgrounds, Disciplines
Fixed Flaw xp adding twice

Position status print formatting
Added lesser harpy position
Added ~ for conditional status (seneschal, whip, lesser harpy)
Fixed Technique and Elder power XP log 
Fixed haven location print sheet rows
Fixed Occult, Performance and Science on print sheet

fixed position status on print sheet
fixed Ishtarri disciplines
fixed Angellis Ater disciplines

fixed flaw xp calculation
fixed auspicious merit

Added Clan - Uncommon, Clan - Rare and Clan - Restricted merits
Fixed Necro and Thaum Expertise in clan cost
fixed Status formatting error for 7 & 6 gens

v 0.06
Add Loyal innate cam status
fixed sect flaw lookups
fixed starting disciplines XP Next
fixed starting disciplines for Tremere, Tzimisce and Ventrue

v 0.05
Attribute cap validation
Removing merits and flaws after creation
discounted path merit for 1xp

v 0.04
Fixed Flaws on XP Log error checker
Fixed out of clan discipline costs
Reorganized Status and Positions

v 0.03
Added Status and Positions

v 0.02
Haven attributes
added missing skills
additional discipline merit support