The "Perch" - a Shimoda Beach Cottage Rental

We have had this house for twenty years.  It is a unique house built by a grandson of Commodore Perry (who opened up Japan).  We call it the 'Perch' because it is perched at the top of a steep hill and stairs but the work pays off with a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and a cool breeze during the hot summer months.  If you are looking for a beach vacation, rent a beach house in the beautiful beach/fishing town of Shimoda Japan. 

We promise a very exceptional stay at this beach house. It is located 2 minutes from Ohama beach, which is located on southern tip of the Izu Pennisula. The house has a gorgeous view of the surrounding hills, and includes a beautiful new porch. Shimoda is the spot for anyone looking to go to the beach, expirience a true Japanese Fishing village, and has plenty of Onsens (hot springs).

Why this house?

- Huge porch for BBQs
- Great relaxing get-away
- Up a hill with great views
- 2 minutes from the best beach - ohama

Things to do in Shimoda

- 4 minutes from two great bar/restaurants
- Surfboards & 2 Boogie boards 
- Fantastic sushi & hot springs
- Great white sand beach with access to over 10 beaches near by.

Shimoda Japan


Prices vary depending on the season:
Up to four people: 10,000 yen per night
Four and above: 15,000 yen per night
Cleaning fee: 3000 yen