About Veraval: Our main source of supply

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 About Veraval: Our main source of supply


Veraval is located at 20°54′N 70°22′E / 20.9, 70.37  , in Gujarat state in INDIA.

It is a major fishing center lying in FAO major fishing Area 51.4.

Fisheries has always been the main industry in the town . Fishing is done mostly on traditional boats and trawlers. Veraval also has a large boat making industry. Veraval is home to a large number of fish processing factories which export prime quality seafood to USA, Japan, SE Asian, Gulf and EU Countries.The seafood-industry which was started through government initiative now is in its prime and many importers are attracted towards Veraval from around the globe. Regional research centers of CIFT and CMFRI situated at Veraval have done Yeoman service in development of fisheries sector in Gujarat.

We are based at Veraval and source most of our supplies from here.