⌘ Travel to the discovery of Shikoku in 2010

Hello friends / friends of Europe

The non-profit association "Shikoku Muchujin" organizes trips to the island of Shikoku this year as last year. Our goal is to promote local tourism in Shikoku. We offer two types of visits to five people who contribute to the promotion of the Shikoku region.

Stay 1

Pilgrimage of 88 Temples of Shikoku, October 11 to October 27, two weeks

Mr Christian Gaudin  http://maitrebanane.blogspot.com/

Thierry Del Socorro  http://www.fujijardins.com

Stay 2

Survey on the Arts Festival Seto, October 18 to October 27, one week

Delphine miss Mach http://akiki.canalblog.com

Mr David Billa http://ogijima.blogspot.com

Shikoku Muchujin also offers two round-trip Paris-to make you live Takamatsu Japan Shikoku.This project is a collaboration between Shikoku Muchujin and the Paris branch of Asiana Airlines.

1 Monsieur MARIAN

2 Madame anne Plonquet