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Shikkin128 is a Japanese desperation/wetting game. This site is for the English translation.

Latest releases:

02/14/2009: v0.20
-Translated all user choices.
-Translated more character names during dialogue.
-Added function names during dialogue (temp; helps player understand topic of conversation).

02/09/2009: v0.15
-Most character names during event dialogue translated.

02/08/2009: v0.10
-Title menu translated.
-System top menu translated.
-General in-game decisions translated.
-Overworld control text translated.
-Shop translated.
-Partial bus instructions translated.

999999 money cheat: patch

The game homepage can be found on the author's Japanese site.

It can be downloaded on Rapidshare. Password is: Shikkin128

You may need to install the Japanese language pack and IME to play. If it still doesn't work, install AppLocale to run the game.

The patch file should be placed in the same folder as the game exe and be named patch.xp3. If you have multiple patches to use (like the cheat), you can name other patch files patch2.xp3, patch3.xp3, etc.

We are in need of a Japanese translator for the more heavy conversations.

Roaming the town

Viewing photos you've taken

The coding environment for translating.