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_________First Place__________

evening news
the smell of bourbon
in her tea

Darrell Byrd 


 ________Second Place________

high tea
at the nursing home
stained blouses
Patricia A. Laurent 



 _________Third Place________

late fall --
a tea leaf drying
in the cup

Martin Gottlieb Cohen 


_________Below Third Place________


winter morning
a widow pours
two cups of tea

Eileen M. Benavente-Blas

afternoon tea
mountains starting
to green


two cups of tea steep
by candlelight


snow storm
the steam slowly curls
from the tea

Tore Sverredal


morning tea
on the breeze from the bay
the scent of pine

gene williamson

winter light
his tea-stained cup
on the china shelf

Carol Raisfeld 

snow flurries--
tea with the neighbor girl
and Raggedy Ann

Kathy Lippard Cobb 


tea dance
at the Peabody--
the ducks stroll in, in line
Johnye Strickland


last night's dream -
the tea grows cold
on the counter

Penelope Davis Greenwell

Lingering heat
taste of hibiscus tea
on your lips

Angèle Lux

winter embrace
a hint of tea
in her breath

Earl Keener


stiff fingers
the cup's warmth
after the tea


snowy afternoon
near grandpa's mug of tea
a box of trout flies



late sunday morning
shuffling my cinnamon tea
between the bread crumbs

pamela molhuysen 

morning tea
the vendor takes a match box
from the sugar tin

Johannes Manjrekar 

cold morning
I breakfast on sticky rice
and green tea


chilly winter morn
on the breakfast table
a steaming pot of tea


morning downpour --
filling one cup    then another
with tea
Rob Scott 


december chill...
hot rasberry tea
brings a flush to my cheeks.


steeped in tradition
she invites me
for afternoon tea

doris kasson 

back for tea,
the lieutenant colonel
sheds her burqa



Drifts up to three feet?
Good we stayed home, sipping tea,
talking a little.

Horst Ludwig 


our first tea
tastes like champagne
in the morning

emile molhuysen 

new moon -
empty place on the shelf
broken tea cup

Marylouise Knight 

cup of assam
a fly walks on the tea bag -
indian summer

alan j summers 

for the diagnosis --
countless cups of tea

hortensia anderson 

looking for answers
in steaming tea cup


Gramma's hug -
the memories come
with a cup of tea
Laurene Post 

frost painting the pane
green tea stews a fine vapor...
of home, a poem


hot tea ~
steams my glasses and
the cup warms my hands


steam rising up
a stream of milk billowing
clouds morning tea

Patrick M. Burke 

used tea bags -
swollen eyes rejoice
in chamomile

ana babic 

drink hot tea
steam fogs glasses
breathless joy

Richard Britt 


after they leave-
staining the kitchen counter
a twisted tea bag



Brewed black tea leaf
on a child's tongue
flung down.

Ellen Dodds 

figuring taxes between
sips of hot tea --
the Ides of March

Janet Parker 

winter begins...
tea leaves green the water
and my dreams

joyce maxner 

green tea perfume
a mist travels
her nose approves

Carol Sircoulomb


steeped tea
floating leaves
an unsettled fortune

jennie townsend 


green tea
puddles on floor-
kit and pup sleep
wet whiskers curl







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