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    _________First Place__________

    spring wind
    her misplaced sweater
    on a magnolia branch


     ________Second Place________

    forty fifth Christmas -
    forty fifth sweater
    from my mom

    Ghost Cat

    porch sitting --
    grandmother fastens
    her sweater clip




     _________Third Place________

    after a wash
    the old sweater returns
    my shape

    Rob Scott

    a sunlit urn
    his sweater still on the peg
    where he hung it

    Nancy Stewart Smith

    her first strapless gown--
    dad asks if she's taking
    a sweater


    _________Below Third Place________


    winter wind ~
    his sweater warmer
    than his eyes


    her winter over
    they don't know what to do
    with grandma's sweater

    Johannes Manjrekar

    A caterpillar
    Wearing a thick sweater;
    Monday morning.


    loose threads -
    wearing his old sweater
    she shivers still

    doris kasson

    chopping wood-
    this old sweater gets
    another hole


    hard frost my wife in her boyfriend's sweater

    gary steinberg

    my favorite sweater --
    always softer
    when she wears it

    Paul David Mena

    she sleeps in
    his sweater with the letter --
    moth hole in the sleeve


    college reunion
    my class sweater
    two sizes too small


    under his sweater
    four tattoos -
    all spelling Mother

    Carol Raisfeld

    new kittens
    the old sweater

    Mary Seabright

    an elderly lady
    drapes a sweater around
    her husband's shoulders

    Angelika Kolompar

    the sweater
    around the hips
    so hip

    Frans Kwaad

    old sweater
    full of moth holes
    air conditioned

    Patricia A. Laurent

    winter sunbeam
    she hugs and smells
    his class sweater


    weekend ginko
    pine needles clinging
    to my red sweater


    mistake in the wash
    shrunken cashmere sweater
    an old lady cries

    ~A Ramey

    A hot cup of tea
    Caress of a wool sweater
    Chase chilly weather

    Bob Parker

    five carved-shell flowers
    on mother's tattered sweater
    two missing buttons

    Debra Woolard Bender

    crunched sheets
    around my shoulders
    her sweater

    emile molhuysen

    homeless hovel
    two siblings share warmth
    of tattered sweater

    Victor P. Gendrano

    night's hard cold rainstorm
    morning white billows heaving...
    dons her knee-length sweater






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