" When I stand out in a vast natural landscape, I realize that I am so small by comparison. 
I am in awe of the overwhelming life force of Nature.  I can't discover even one appropriate word when I am engulfed by that kind of voluminous energy.  Yet I respect it so much.  When I create something, I always wonder if I can express even a trace of that depth. At the same time, I think that this kind of expression, which is possible through art, is better than language for a certain kind of communication.

I'm a coward. Because I want to be stable all the time. But the world goes by and changes continuously. The world transforms until my standing point is instability. When I think I have found my place, the next moment it becomes a situation that is not appropriate for me. That's why I should start to look for this ongoing change. Because, while absorbed in this state of affairs, I become interested in the moment when my sense of direction is broken.  From my perspective sense of direction is something I call morality, a custom, rule, standard, etc., which can fit me easily in this society. I want to explore the kind of creation that can emerge once the way of responding based on habits formed by social norms and customs is dissolved. To create my work is to look for my place. When I see beginnings and endings in my work, I feel I exist. Art is the power of revolution, a way of direct communication without the distance and lightness of knowledge, placing the opposing processes of fermentation and of settling together."