The name...the lifestyle.

Why did you make this lame page?

I have been asked many, many times what my screenname means. Instead of repeating the same story over and over, here's a handy reference page!

What does "shifuimam" mean?

It's a screenname I made up in 2002, when I was a freshman in college. Being sheltered my entire childhood, I was slowly being introduced to the world of explicit (but funny) entertainment through people I met in the dorms and my classes. One of my first forays into "dirty" music was everyone's favorite pop-punk group, Blink 182. On the album "Take off your pants and jacket", there is a track titled "Time To Break Up". Part of this song has the following lyrics:

Shit, fuck, I made a mistake
I thought I needed a break
The truth is, I'm such a dick
It's broke and can't be fixed

Being 18, immature, and not used to hearing bad words in song lyrics, I was greatly amused that the first line of that section had not one but two four-letter words in it...and the name was born. I've kept the name ever since,  mostly because it's completely unique. If you Google "shifuimam", every search result is from me.

Two years later, when I was doing tech support at my university, I found out from one of the other support guys that shifu means "master" in Chinese, and imam means "leader" in Malay, so you can also go with the route that shifuimam means "master, leader"...which also works for me!

Don't you think it's a little inappropriate to have a name based on swear words?

Not really, no. The name has lost its novelty factor for the words used to create it, but it's still a unique name. I've been "shifuimam" on the Intarnets for nearly six years now, so I'm not particularly interested in suddenly changing who I am in cyberspace.

If you want to pass judgment on me for having a screen name based on two words that are considered offensive in our culture (they're just's not like it's taking the Lord's name in vain or anything), I guess that's your prerogative.

Or you can just go with the "master, leader" definition and forget about the original creation of the name.

How the heck do you pronounce it, anyway?

I suppose the easiest phonetic pronounciation would be "shih-fwee-mam", but I rarely say the word out loud, so it's kind of irrelevant.

So I can e-stalk you pretty easily since your name's so unique, huh?

Yeah, but what would you want to? My life is boring. Except for the Mt. Everest mountain of drama from family and aquaintances and former friends. If you really want to e-stalk me, just read my livejournal. The juicy stuff is friends-only (and I won't ever add you if I know you in real life), but you can at least read my rants about politics, religion, Apple, and geeky stuff

Don't you judge me. (c) forever by shifuimam.