Created by Nicki Hambleton, UWCSEA, @itsallaboutart

The mash-up of visual literacy and Big Data empowers and prepares students and schools for a future in which they have the skills to mine, scrape, collect, store and analyze structured and unstructured data. 

We need to ask ourselves three questions: 
  • What questions are we asking of this data? 
  • How are we using data in our schools to support curriculum and pedagogy?
  • How do we strengthen learner's visual literacy skills to thrive in a media saturated world? 
This site is about giving learning communities the skills to do the following:
  • Learn how infographics can disseminate information 
  • Explore, evaluate and critique readily available infographics
  • Use images, text and media to tell a story using an infographic platform 
You've come to the right place....
Infographics and data visualizations are utilized to support digital, informational and media literacy in the digital age. 

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What is an infographic?
by Hot Butter Studio.
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