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Were: The term "Were" refers to Therianthropes and all animal shifters, thought the actual word means human it is used to describe those of the shifting community.
Therianthrope: Therianthrope refers to those who shift into a specified animal. Other forms of the word include Therian and Therianthropy.
P-Shift: P-Shift refers to the physical shift of the human body into that of an animal.
M-Shift: M-Shift refers to the physical shift of the mind into that of an animal. The human mind is retained but less dominant.
PH-Shift: The PH-Shift is a phantom shift, in which the Therian feels as if they have a non-human body part when it is still human.
SC-Shift: SC-Shift refers to when you shift while sleeping or sub consciously without realizing or controlling it.
SH-Shift/S-Shift: Shadow Shift, tihs is when you shift your aura so much it physically looks like you have shifted.
L-Shift: L-Shift, or Lucid Shift happens when you have a Lucid Dream and M-Shift or when you are asleep and P-Shift while controlling it.
PNR: PNR stands for "Point of No Return." This happens when you shift into a yuor animal and cannot shift back.
LT-Shift: The LT-Shift, or Long Term shift is when a Therian shifts into a specified animal for an extended period of time.
ABF: The ABF, or Animal Blood Factor refers to the amount of were blood in you. This determines shifting capabilities.