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Shortwolf's M-Shifting Guide

Part I
The first and my favorite type of M-shift is to shift your mind over while your body is still fully human. You can preform this type of M-shift while doing anything anywhere because all it is is thinking/acting like a wolf (there are restrictions. read below...)



The first stage is to react to things like a wolf would. Like when someone walks in the room sit/stand higher or lower considering who it is. Like if its someone you really don't like or trust, sit higher. Also, when someone makes you mad, physically growl. Consider your body language and pay close attention to it. Do things like that. The second stage is when you begin to stop thinking with words, and start thinking with emotions/colours/sounds, whatever. So, if you get angry, don't rant in your head, instead just recognize the anger and let it run through your mind and body like loud red lava so that you can feel the energy you get from it and the energy that you give to it. Happiness for me is generally yellow warm and the sounds that go through my mind will change depending on different things. Sadness is blue and cold, it is silent. Then there are mixed emotions that I can "see". Its very interesting. The third stage when you hit the hightened senses. Pay close attention to what you hear (outside of your head this time), what you see from the corners of your eyes, what you smell, what you feel (as in like temperature and such things like that). I also find that I have extra feelings too - like when there's other things in the room - people, animals - I can like feel them there, and the emotion that they are feeling. The fourth stage, is hightened instincts. Like i know that we all have hightened insticts to begin with, but these instincs aren't wrong or guesswork at all, and it is basically impossible to ignore them. I don't have much more information on this stage yet... The fifth stage, I'm guessing, is the stage that you reach when you p-shift. I have never made it very far into the fourth stage, so I can't tell you much about this one. This is just a guess...



In order to stop the beginning stages of this m-shift you simply do what you did before in a reverse sort of way. For stage one, you just go back to acting like a human. For stage two you first start thinking with words again, then start acting like a human... Of course, for the higher stage that you reach, the harder it is to get back to the human way of thinking. If you find that you can't get back for some reason or another you do exactly what you do to get out of a p-shift. Go to sleep. I must warn you though, like Blaze has said, once you begin m-shifting, your mind will never be the same again. And another warning is that depending on how well your brain is functioning at that time (which can depend on sleep, food, water, ect...), and how much practice you've had, while in the higher stages you may or may not be able to function around humans so just keep that in mind.



The second type of M-shift that I know about is the 'meditation' type shift.

With this shift, you basically sit down somewhere and imagine that you are shifting. The difference between imagining it and actually m-shifting this way is that you can actually feel yourself shifting physically with this one. The things is, you can feel a shift, but your physical body doesn't actually change. Its all in your mind, thus making it an m-shift. This is a very effective way to practice p-shifting before you p-shift. The trick to this is to make sure that you don't relax. In order to actually p-shift (and I got this information from pretty much every forum that tells you have to p-shift) you have to relax. If you don't relax, then you just form an m-shift. To get out of this m-shift you pretty much just pull yourself out - a lot like waking up from a very intense dream.



The third type of M-shifting is what I notice that most people do.

This type also takes place in your mind. This is the type of m-shift that involves you imagining yourself as a wolf where you look THROUGH the wolves eyes and go to your territory in your head. I haven't done much experimenting with this type of a shift because I've been working on the top one, so if you want details on it you can ask Icy from Razgriz, or I think someone on Recolitus has posted about it a bit.





M-shifting is, of course, mental shifting. So, your goal is to think like a wolf. It makes p-shifting a lot easier and protects from PNR, so I think that everyone should practice it. Prior to popular belief, you don't actually need to get away from people to practice M-shifting... well, you do if you want to reach a high level, but that doesn't mean that you can't practice lower levels to make higher levels easier to obtain.... Anyway, here's a bit that I know about m-shifting.

First off, I found that it helps (with any level of m-shifting), to think without words. Start thinking with emotions and use things like colours and sounds to provide the right thoughts in your head. Its kind of hard to explain, but it is a fairly simple concept to understand.

Secondly, it helps to react to what people do the way a wolf would. Like if someone attempts to mess with you by stealing something from you, growl at them. If someone takes a grab at your food, snap at them. Be respectful, and trustworthy... and so on and so fourth. This will most likely take some research on the behavior of your animal.

Thirdly, I know that things are crazy at razgriz, but Blaze, as well as some others, did post some nice information on m-shifting, so it would probably be in your best interest to seek that out if you haven't already and you want to improve your m-shift. That and be sure to read what has been posted on this site on the topic.
Last, as we all know, practice makes perfect. As we all also know, m-shifting can be practiced on a day to day basis, anytime, anywhere.


If anyone has any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask.
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Part II

Hey guys, I actually did some work and figured some more out for m-shifting... enjoy! Some of this is a bit of guess work, but about 99.9% I've actually done - just in case you were wondering. Also, I know that some of the people on this site like to get ahead of themselves, but please be careful... I don't know how safe or unsafe this is, so tread carefully.

I left off on the fourth stage - when there is hightened instincts and you become more instinctual. You also become a ton more aware of your surroundings... like you don't even have to think in order to react to the people around you. It happens naturally. What happens is instead of noticing who walked through the door, you begin to wonder when that person is going to walk through the door, and what each person is going to do next. This is also when the colors begin to dwindle and you get the basic reds, greens, and other short light wave lengths. I think this is the stage where you begin to be able to communicate with your wolf. 

After this stage you move on to "stage 5" where things really depend on who you are as a person and who you are as a wolf. You might begin to think less of yourself and more of the people, animals, and plants around you - not of how much a threat they are, but you'll recognize their part in things. You might begin to go into sort of a survival mode where you forget the less important things like that homework that is due in an hour or the child sitting 3 feet away from you, and you get into checking your physical and possibly mental health.

Stage 6 is of course is the actual shift (I mean, there isn't much room between the last stage and this one for normal human behavior, so your wolf begins to take over.) I think this is the stage that you would get to if you were experiencing an M-shift spin off - as Blaze puts it. I only think that an actual spin off would only happen if you refused to shift though.. Anyway, as a person enters this 'stage' of an M-shift and let their wolf take over, they would have numb/painful/cold/hot (there's many different things that could happen) places on their body. As long as they don't lose concentration, they should be able to push those feelings no matter how uncomfortable they are until they cover the whole of their body... (Some people may just have to keep m-shifting and let it take its course naturally and slowly... especially the first 3-4+ times when they are inexperienced). After a while they would hit the barrier, get through it, and p-shift. 

~~~I'll give a method of P-shift later because I know that that is very vauge~~~  

After the actual p-shift there are more levels that you can go with the m-shift... well at least I think there are. I haven't gotten far enough to tell you about it though. And yes, I STILL am accepting any questions or discussion. Haha thanks guys!


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