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Khaosdog's M-Shift

Before you read this I would like to say when I first began shifting this guide is what got me going. ~ Ice Fang

I know a lot of you have been having trouble M-shifting or "Mental" Shifting. For those of you who are, you've come to the right place.

I have been M-shifting for as long as I can remember and its helped me to get to a p-shift. Now if you want to M-shift, heres some ways I do it and it helps

A word of advice, it helps to have a big imagination.

Method 1

Go to a place in your area thats as wooded and nature filled as possible and hang out there for a little bit, regaurdless of weather, go there and just imagine yourself as your wolf. Run through trees, pant, chase small animals and birds, whatever, just get yourself into that state of mind where you feel like you ARE the wolf, imagine yourself running on all fours and get in the habbit of standing on your tippy toes. This is a great way to shift.

Method 2

Another thing that helps me is I observe dogs. Dogs are as closely related to wolves as domestic animals get. So why not copy their movements and actions? If your dog yawns (they usually yawn with their tounges wide out) yawn like that, your dog barks or is alerted to sounds, do that. Act with your dog, heck walk on all fours like it! It may looks silly but it'll all work out in the long run (and I bet your pooch will like the idea of its master acting like it ) I do this with my dog and it really helps me get into shift

Method 3

This way is not so much moving around, but it is deep concentration. Before school each day I hide in a bathroom stall(because its quiet in the mornings) and just imagine myself AS the wolf, I close my eyes and picture my arms and hands as paws and forelegs, I picture a long snout in front of me and having a tail, that way if your at school, work, etc you'll still have your shift and it'll increase your chances of getting your physical shift faster.

Thats all I can think of right now, but if I think of more I will update this. Hope this helps you guys!


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