Planning Matters

Local Plan

The Local Plan is the vehicle through which the Council takes a view over the next 15 years of the needs for housing, employment, retail facilities, transport, waste processing, and minerals etc.

All this is then translated into a series of policies and land allocations and consultation on the Draft Local Plan has just ended. Bringing in expert consults where appropriate, the Society has submitted comments on the issues directly affecting the Valley and its residents, the main issues being the proposed designation of land off Swales Moor Road for built waste facilities, and the designation for housing of the Horley Green Works site. Both sites are currently in the Green Belt, and the Horley Green site is also in the Special Landscape Area.

The other major issue is about the impact on the character of Northowram and its infrastructure (e.g. GP surgeries, schools, traffic) caused by the large amount of housing planned both there and at Shelf, nearly all in existing Green Belt, and we have commented fully on the large site on land off Hall Lane.

Comments have also been submitted on a range of other issues including planned reductions to the Special Landscape Area, and the lack of any action plan to address the air quality at Stump Cross.

We hope that members will feel that their concerns have been vigorously expressed, and we thank those who have submitted their own comments.  The Council will now be considering all the comments it has received, deciding how to respond (or not) and then publishing for consultation next year the substantive Local Plan. We shall of course comment again where the Council fails adequately to modify the Plan to take account of the recent responses.  There will then be an Examination in Public [EiP] of the Local Plan, led by an independent Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate, to explore whether the Plan has been developed in a proper manner and whether it is legally compliant. This will be the last opportunity to get the Plan amended and, sadly, we expect to have to use it.

Latest Planning information
We are currently awaiting the latest information regarding planning and will update the website as soon as possible.