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posted Jan 9, 2012, 9:28 AM by Shia Sports

1.     You either recently read the Facebook/Twitter update about a blog in the making.

2.     You have read the blog on the Shia Sports Notice board and wanted to read more.

After reading the banter open on Facebook between A Manchester United fan and a diehard AC Milan supporter, they both suggested something that we haven’t discussed before, Muslims in the Modern game of Football.

So I started digging deeper and went through some articles. I want to keep this brief as there is a lot of articles and stories out there. I will just “open the gates” for everybody and they can further investigate and share their thoughts.

I want to highlight four stories that I found brilliant to read and want to share them with you =)

Frederick (Oumar) Kanoute

French born Malian Kanoute, who plays for Seville and the Mali national team as a striker, has been practising Islam since the age of 20 (he is now 32). He refused to wear the Seville shirt whilst it was sponsored by gambling website, and therefore wore a brand free version. Kanoute has also purchased a Mosque in Seville for $700k after its lease had expired.

It is the amazing thought and respect that we should all admire here. Refusing to wear a top as it advertises gambling. From there the story of him buying a mosque as the lease has expired. That story is just great!

Read the link below, where there is an entire story on ALL Spanish Muslim Footballers and how they deal with Ramadhan.

Demba Ba

Demba Ba had not played in the whole of August apart from several substitute appearances. When I told my English work colleague about the story, we were both amazed at the dedication to Islam. The story going round was the when needed, only then would Pardew as him to come onto the pitch!

The Senegalese forward grabbed a hat-trick in a victory over Blackburn but has been restricted to mostly substitute appearances this season because of a lack of fitness.

Speaking after the game, Pardew said: “He’s [Demba Ba] had a slow start here because of mainly
him fasting and playing in Ramadan in my view. He had a couple of substitute appearances where he just started to show a little bit of sharpness but I thought he was terrific at Aston Villa and made us control the midfield without actually threatening the goal.

Kolo (Habib) Toure

Next time Kolo Habib Toure steps onto the pitch, pause it, rewind it and then watch in slow motion.

He enters saying “in the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful”



Mo Farah and Amir Khan

Another thing I found on the Internet -

Team GB 2012 distance runner and current Commonwealth Gold Medallist, Mo Farah is getting creative with the Islamic calendar to help him secure a medal at the World Championships in Daegu.

Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, started on August 1 and lasts until August 29. Farah would ordinarily fast during daylight throughout Ramadan. But this year he will do some additional fasting after Ramadan is over for most Muslims to compensate for eating and drinking during the day in the run-up to the championships, which start on August 27.

He said: “I’m going to fast as soon as I finish my season. When I finish Daegu I will take my break and the days I’ve missed I will catch up then. It’s important that you stay hydrated and eat well – I don’t want to change anything, even have a shave!”

Another brief story on the Internet -

Amir Khan - Professional boxer Amir Khan fasts even throughout his training.

"Fasting makes you feel weak," he said last year. "You have to wake up at four or five in the morning to eat, but you're knackered and you don't feel like food, you have to force it down. I wouldn't fast on the day of a fight though."


It shows that there are Muslims in sports out there! It also shows that the media has picked up on their stories and it makes us Muslims proud that they are trying their hardest to help themselves and others in Islam.

It does pose a thought though, where are they when the media attacks Muslims? Sure they cannot be political or make statements involving world peace but when in British Media, surely they can give a little bit of support to us normal, honest Muslims and speak out against the Terrorists that are ruining our faith. Just a thought eh?

Still give them credit for what they have achieved and all of these stories show that they still are humble to Allah.

I have enjoyed this blog and hopefully next time we could do an interactive discussion!

As said in all previous blogs

This Court is dismissed .............. Judge K .................!