Welcome to the World of Spanish!
¡Bienvenidos al Mundo de Español!


Mrs. Amy Foster - Science Hill High School – Room A229

fostera@jcschools.org 423-232-2190 x2143 https://sites.google.com/site/shhssrafoster

¡Bienvenido a la clase de Español I! This semester, I hope that you will begin to gain a meaningful knowledge of the Spanish language and of Hispanic cultures.  As your teacher, I will speak in Spanish in a manner to encourage language acquisition and in English to assist in development and understanding. Speaking, listening, writing, and reading will be learned and practiced using the text, music, stories, skits, maps, and video clips.

I. Course Objectives:

A. Develop students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to the point where they can communicate on a basic level in Spanish.  

B. Acquaint students with cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

C. Introduce students to the Spanish language and the culture of the countries that speak it. 

II. Supplies Used:

1.) 3-ring binder with tabs, 2.) pencils & pens, 3.) loose-leaf paper, 4.) pkg. of 4 dry erase markers, 5.) 3x5 index cards, and
6.) provided  textbook and workbook  - Avancemos 1/Avancemos 2, Holt McDougal.  
[Recommended Course Fee of $5 to help defray cost of whiteboards and markers used daily]

III. Evaluation:

Grades will be computed based on the percentage of points earned out of  points possible in the following areas:

Tests Projects                Quizzes            Homework                Participation Classwork

The final grade is determined by the average of all points, with listening, reading, speaking and writing components incorporated into each category.

 Homework will be checked periodically. The majority of assignments will be worth ten points.  The homework scale is as follows:

10/10     --    completely and thoughtfully done

5/10      --     partially but thoughtfully done

0/10       --    incomplete, left in locker/at home, illegible, etc.

Grades can be checked online in Power-School. The distribution is as follows:

93-100 = A; 85-92 = B; 75-84 = C; 70-74 = D; 0-69 = F

IV. Teacher Availability  

I will be available for extra help after school and during free periods by appointment.

V. Absences

It is the student's responsibility to make up missing assignments.  Reference my web-site  to stay up-to-date.  Any work assigned and/or covered during an excused absence must be completed within 3 days per absence day. This includes missed tests, quizzes, etc.


There are two main expectations I have when it comes to the behavior of students: responsibility AND respect. These are two positive qualities that will make every person’s life easier and more successful, whether in school or in a future career. 

I. Classroom Expectations

 Following the rules outlined below is an important part of being successful in the class:

Come to class on time prepared to participate in classroom activities. This is a class in which oral response in the target language is necessary. The more Spanish you use, the more proficient you will become.

Respect your classmates. Speak with  appropriate language. Comments should be constructive/positive. 

Always complete your assignments, both in class and out of class.

Limit bathroom breaks to the first and last five minutes of class.

Do not eat in class (drinks in bottles with spill-proof/screw-on caps are allowed).

Do not use on-line or electronic translators (e.g., Google Translate). 

Follow all district policies.  Reference your student handbook for policies 

Rules may be changed or added. The teacher may add or modify rules in order to accommodate for class differences.

II. “Bring Your Own Device”

Students may be permitted to use smartphones, tablets, or laptops at specified times during class for educational purposes. Texting friends, playing games, or using social media sites is prohibited unless the teacher designates it as part of an assignment.

If a device is not being used appropriately, it will be sequestered for the remainder of class time. 

III. Consequences For Inappropriate Behavior

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in one or more of the following:

1. Verbal warning and/or after-class discussion

2. Contact parent/guardian.

3. Referral to assistant principal 

(Severe misbehavior: Referral to S.R.O.)

IV. The Teacher Will Strive To::

treat each student fairly and with respect, 

provide all students with a safe learning environment, 

follow and enforce course and school rules, and 

teach the content to its fullest.

V. Teacher Communication With Parents

The relationship between the teacher and parents could be what makes the difference for the student’s success in school. Please email me at any time at fostera@jcschools.org if you have any concerns or questions. If desired, we can arrange a meeting in person.