Writing for College

Please take the following two pre-tests:

January 26, 2015  -- For your first assignment, I would like you to write me a letter of introduction so that I can learn more about who you are. I would like the letter to address three main points:
1) Your academic history and future -- As you near the end of your mandatory years of school, please reflect on your academic experience and what you hope for after high school. Use the following questions IF you feel stuck for what to write.
What have been your strengths and weaknesses? 
What have been your favorite and least favorite classes?
What teachers have made a difference to you and why?
Are you planning to go to college? Where and why? What will you study?
2) Your personal history and interests -- Help me get to know you as a person, outside of school. Try to get beyond mere descriptions of hobbies or activities; you may include those things, but also try to reflect on things that are less obvious. If you are stuck, consider questions like:
How would you characterize your personal journey through life so far?
What is it like to "live inside your head"? How do you see the world?
What is important to you?
What are the most important lessons you have learned about yourself and how did they come about?
3) Your relationship to the written word -- You have spend the past twelve years (at least) of your lives reading and writing. What do you know about your relationship to the written word? If you are stuck, consider questions like:
What parts of writing are you strong and weak at?
When do you enjoy reading, and when do you dislike reading?
How do you prefer to communicate with people -- talking, writing, drawing, singing??? How do you best express yourself?
Also, in a concluding paragraph, please explain what you hope to get from this class. 

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