Library Use Agreement

Students who use the library agree to the following rules:

Using the library during study hall, or when given a pass out of class

  • Have a completely filled out purple pass, signed by the teacher who has assigned you work that needs to be done in the library
  • Sign in the log book (including time and teacher)
  • In order to leave the library for any reason during the period, you must ask for a pass
  • If you return to class before the period is over, you must sign OUT of the library log book
  • Except under special circumstances, passes out of the library will not be granted during the last 5 minutes of the period
  • Students coming during the first period of the day must wait until the morning announcements are over before leaving class
  • All regular library rules apply

Computer usage

  • Students will abide by the acceptable use policy as stated in the student handbook
  • Books will be checked out at the front desk
  • Students caught on blocked sites (like facebook) will be sent immediately to the planning room
  • There is absolutely no eating or drinking allowed by the computers

General usage and circulation

  • Students should be quiet at all times, so that the library remains an environment that is conducive to reading and studying. 
  • Students agree that breaking any of these rules can result in disciplinary action
  • All adults in the library are authorized to enforce these rules
  • Books are loaned out for a period of 2 weeks. Items may be renewed once for a further 2 weeks. Although there are no late fines, students will be billed for lost and/or damaged items.

VHS students

  • The library has designated computers that are reserved for VHS students. While VHS students have first priority on those computers, other students may use them when they are available
  • VHS students must observe all rules of the library
  • Due to the specific nature of their work, VHS students may use headphones with the following restrictions: headphones may not be shared; no sound from headphones may be audible to anyone else; volume must be low enough so announcements can be heard over them; if requested by a teacher, headphones must be removed; misuse of headphones will result in revocation of the privilege.
  • VHS students must sign in to their VHS attendance binder; they do not have to use the log book at the front of the library. However, they must request a pass if they need to leave the library at any time during their VHS period. 
  • Failure to follow these rules can result in being removed from the library on a short- or long-term basis, and can result in a student losing access to the school computers. VHS students who are removed from the library for longer than one period will be re-assigned to the planning room, or to a space designated by the VHS coordinator.