(((Watch))™“Mayweather vs Canelo Live || Mayweather vs Canelo|| Mayweather vs Alvarez Live Stream Fight 14 Sept. 2013"

(((Watch))™“Mayweather vs Canelo Live || Mayweather vs Canelo|| Mayweather vs Alvarez Live Stream Fight 14 Sept. 2013"

Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez fight is still two months away, but the run up to it has become very lively. Money Mayweather has started taunting Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez face off in Los Angeles last week was simply great. Both the fighters showed that they were in great shape. While Mayweather Jr looks stunning in his chiseled body, Canelo Alvarez looks simply awesome. And the promoters are having a field day by showcasing the two fighters in different places in the run up to the historic fight.

Mayweather vs Canelo Live || Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Alvarez Fight 2013

At 36, many say that Floyd Mayweather should hang his boot. But for forcing him to do just that, this ferocious fighter who has never been beaten by any opponent throughout his career you need to beat him into submission. But so far we have been made to believe that a boxer who can do just that hasn’t been born as yet. Or if he has been born we actually don’t know where he is hiding till now. But many of Floyd Mayweather Jr have been dreaming that Canelo Alvarez should be the man who has been bestowed with the responsibility of beating Mayweather Money.

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Last week in Los Angeles the two boxers were brought together in front of thousands and thousands of boxing fans who are looking forward to a ferocious fight in September between the two unbeaten boxers. Promoters are trying to create a hype surrounding Canelo Alvarez. When promoter Richard Schaefer tried to excite the estimated 10,000 fans by saying that Alvarez is “the younger, stronger and better-looking” of the two fighters, Mayweather interrupted to note, “He ain’t the highest-paid one.” And there is no bigger truth than this. No sportsperson makes dollars as fast as Money Mayweather. With the next fight he is set to make as much as around $45 million or more.

Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Live Stream|| Showtime Boxing 14 sept.2013

Mayweather who has never lost a single fight in his 44 fights as pro will take on a much younger but very much fancied and unbeaten Canelo Alvarez in whom many see a possible world champion. But the run up to might would have been more interesting had Alvarez been well-versed in English. He needs a translator to talk to the media and fans. He says, “I’m ready for it. … I assure you I’m not going to lose”. Mayweather on the other hand was full of taunts for the boxer who will turn 23 shortly. “He’s so big, such a super-hero in boxing?…All he did was piggyback on my shows. He knows the ultimate goal in boxing is to beat Floyd Mayweather…He’s a champion, No. 1 in his division. But I’m No. 1 in boxing. We’ve seen it over and over again. Line ‘em up”.