Adahy's Cloth Pad Patterns

What's that you say; 'Ick! Cloth pads?'

June 30th 2007 - I wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone who has written in with compliments, photos, and ideas - you ladies are wonderful! I am very sorry I haven't replied back. I have had a couple life altering events happen to me over the last few months and I am just now putting back the pieces. I hope to have more free time soon to work on the page and to answer email. I have a few things I'd love to add, slight pattern changes and a travel pouch I've been working on. ('Cause juggling your purse, clean pads, dirty pads, and a wet bag in a public loo which isn't even equipped with a coat hook while not touching anything in said loo is a real learning experience! lol.)


Well I'll admit I had the same reaction when I first heard about cloth pads, but I did a little research I decided to give them a try. After nearly a year of using them, I can safely say I'd never go back to disposables.

Since I know how to sew, and I was on a really tight budget, I decided to make my own pads. Nothing against all the wonderful cloth pads for sale out there, but by making my own I could get the exact color and style I wanted. After a bit of tinkering, I came up with a few patterns I liked, and decided to share them. I wanted to give something back, since I would have never got started my own without the inspiration I got from all the wonderful people and web pages out there. Most of the things I have learned has come from the LJ community, diy_pads and
cloth_pads. Thanks everyone!

Since I have noticed a good percentage of people starting to make cloth pads don't know much about sewing, I have written these instructions with that in mind. I am self taught, so I don't know the proper terms one should use when writing up something like this. I just hope it's clear to everyone. If you have any questions or comments, my email address can be found at the bottom of the page.

What's new?

  • December 5th 2006 - I finally got around to posting the full directions on how to make a circle pad.

  • November 15th 2006 - Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I broke the page up, it was just too much to load at once. I've written up a tutorial on how to use the Dritz multi-snap setting tool. And I have also added a circle pad pattern. Are you tired of leaking onto your knickers? This super wide winged pad will do the trick.

That's it! I hope you find this of some use. Thank you for stop'n in. If you have any questions or comments, please send me a email. Also, I'd love to see any pads made with these patterns. I can be reached at my journal or email.

11 inch Pad
Faux Luna Pad
Circle Pad

Fabric Chooses
Dritz Snap tool
Cloth Pad Care