How to make the 11 inch pad

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This is for a one of two terry layered pad with PUL liner.  

>>>> Here is the pattern - 11 inch pad - PDF 154 kb <<<<


If you want to save paper, cut off the wings 
and re-tape them back on. This will allow 
you to fold them in when you trace the pattern. 


The instructions are the same as the panty liner, save a few things:

To include the terry cloth, trace one (or two) from the pad pattern without the wings. Cut it around 1/8th inch smaller than the pattern. Sew onto the wrong side of the flannel pad part around 1/2 inch away from the edge line. Then sew the rest as instructed above.

To include a PUL liner, after the wing base has been sewn and turned right side out, trace and cut a piece of PUL 1/8th inch smaller than the pad pattern. (See photo with blue stuff.) Slide the PUL into the slit and carefully arrange till everything is smooth. When you sew the rest as instructed, the PUL edge will get sewn down when you do the final top stitching.

One last thing, when you are top stitching the pad to the wing base, use a few clothes pins to hold everything in place, rather than use pins. I really don't think a few pin holes will damage your PUL, but it's hard to get the pins though all those layers.