How to make a Pantyliner

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This is for a four layer non moisture proofed cloth panty liner. 

>>>> Here is the pattern - Pantyliner - PDF 70kb <<<<


Okay, how it's put together

(To the right are photos showing each step.)

You will need enough fabric of your choice for two wing bases, and two pad pieces. (see fabric for more) Working with the whole piece of fabric, fold it over, right sides together, until you have enough to lay out the pattern plus 1/4 inch extra. I normally like to do the pad part in a different color, 'cause it looks pretty just for contrast.

Trace around the pattern, using a regular pen or fine marker. You are marking on the wrong side, so it will not not show. If you are using very dark fabric, white Milky brand gel pens work great. Make sure you can see the line, this will be the line you put your sewing stitches on.

Just a general note: Incase you are wondering; I dislike using normal fabric marking pens. They cost a lot, never make a dark enough line, and are always dried up when I get around to using them. 99% of the time I am working on the back of my fabric, so why worry about the marks? Just make sure to do a test first, so it will not bleed though the fabric.

Pin, and roughly cut out the fabric, Then sew directly on the line you made, all the way around. Do not leave a gap in your sewing for turning inside out. Yes, there is a method to my madness, I'll get to that in a minute. 

Trim the edge down to 1/8th inch. No more, no less. This will allow the curves to ease nicely, but will give you just enough seam so your stitches don't tear out.

Once you have a wing base, and a pad part sewn, decide which parts you want facing up. With that in mind, take one of the parts in your hand and pinch in the center and pull away a layer of the fabric on the side you want facing down. (See photo) 

Cut a one inch slit, and then turn inside out. Finger press until the whole thing is turned completely and smooth. A hot iron and a spray bottle of water will make this part even easier. Do the same to the other piece. 

Now lay the two pieces together, with the slits facing each other and pin. Top stitch them together, and sew along side the edge of the wing bits to keep it flat.

Ta da! One panty liner! Now you need more!  :)