How to use the Dritz Multi-tool 

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I've seen a lot or people comment on how hard it is to set snaps with the Dritz multi tool. I'll admit I had a hard time when I first bought it, but after I figured it out I was really quite pleased with it. It's not a industrial strength tool, nor will you win any speed races setting snaps, but for the at home sewer it's a ideal tool. It's light-years better than the cheap plastic hammer set gizmo thing I first used.

(Good grief! I sound like a advertisement! Sorry, that wasn't intentional.)

Okay, on with the tutorial...

First, let's look at the diagram on the back of the package. You did keep that, right? If not, hit print for another copy. This time keep the diagram with your snap pliers. Even though I finally have the arrangement down pat, I still double check the diagram EVERY time I set a snap. It's just a pain removing and resetting snaps. (I got instructions on how to do that at the bottom of the page.)

They have named each part of the snap, look at each one very carefully, and line up four snaps the same way they have them arranged in the diagram. I numbered them in red just to make things a bit more clear.

First time I set a snap, I had the worst time figuring out the exact orientation, even with the diagram. Basically, it was #2 (socket) that was the hardest to figure out. It looks pretty much the same from either side. The key is the center ring. When it's placed properly in the snap pliers, the center ring side sticks up higher than the other side. Didn't get that? See photo number two, #2 (socket) - The down side sits flush on the table. That's how it sits in the pliers.

Once you have the snap bits placed the way they need to be, position and press. The amazing thing is how little pressure this requires. If you overdo it, you can bend the snap, or break the plastic part of the decorate snap, or distort the snap to the point it's unusable. I also noticed that the cheap snaps they enclose in the package bend easier. When you buy the pliers, buy some better snaps.



Oh no, you set a snap wrong!

I hate to say it, but it happens, a lot. But there is a easy way to remove the snap and start over. And if you are careful enough, you can reuse the snap. You will need two tools, a pair of dull scissors, (Don't use your best fabric scissors for this!!) and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Pick up the item with the wrongly set snap, and place the scissors as it's shown in the photo. With very gentle pressure (and your fingers safely out of the way!!) gently 'cut' and rock the scissors back and forth. I can't stress how gentle you must be. If you go at it too hard you can tear your fabric, or cut off a finger, or just mangle the scissors and snap beyond repair. Gentle! Take a deep breath, it isn't a race.  :)

Once the snap is removed look over the fabric carefully, you may be lucky and see no tear, if it's torn, just make sure to reset the snap directly over that area.

Now take up the needle nose pliers and carefully bend the prongs of #1 or #3 out nice and straight. Yet again, take some time and care. Once you are happy with the prongs, reset the snap pliers and make sure to set the snap right this time! I know that sounds dumb to say that, but I have set the same snap wrong three times in a row. It's really annoying.