Pease AFB, NH. for FSX. Version 3.6

I was stationed at Pease AFB, NH. from 1976 until 1980 as an avionics specialist on the FB-111A aircraft. This is my attempt to recreate that base by modifying Pease International Tradeport into Pease AFB and making AI aircraft and flight plans to give the feel of the 509th Strategic Air Command.

The new AI FB-111As now take-off with the wings swept forward. When parked and engines off the elevons droop and the ladders & remove before flight flags appear. Other features include afterburners, working spoiler brakes. Special thanks to John Young for the FB-111A AI aircraft customized for this package.

Features include:
  • Parking spots for Military Combat and Cargo aircraft.
  • Ground support equipment and vehicles
  • AI FB-111A , KC-135A, and T-37 aircraft and flight plans
  • AI FB-111A and KC-135A that ATC addresses by tail number, each with own textures
  • Custom Textures and Flight Plans for each AI FB-111A and KC-135A
  • Custom created static FB-111A and KC-135 aircraft
  • Custom buildings included Hangers, Control Tower and Alert Bunker
  • Hangers and tower have night lighting and static aircraft with night textures.
  • Alert Area with shelters and static FB-111A with SRAMs and KC-135 aircraft
  • Custom signs and flags.
  • Add-on flyable FB-111A and KC-135 aircraft (with textures that match AI and Static aircraft)
  • Individual add on transient aircraft and flight plan packages to save frame rates
  • AI FB-111A aircraft have afterburners
  • Pole mounted lights illuminate flightline
  • Added Fire Extinguishes and Work Lights
  • Improved frame rates
  • New Land Class Files
  • No Push-Back for AI Aircraft

Updated 11/13/15

Addon AI Aircraft with Pease AFB Flight Plans:

*Download AI F-4
*Download AI F-16
Download AI A-10
Download AI T-39
Download AI T-43

* created as AI aircraft

 All other AI aircraft are converted flyable models and have a greater impact on frame rates