SHRS FSX F-111 Version 2.0 BETA Aircraft Package
We are dedicated to bringing you the best F-111 flying experience!          
                     The Heart and soul of the F-111 is it's Terrain Following Radar ability. Our update has the only True Terrain Following Radar system with Pitch and Roll Stabilization that looks ahead of the aircraft to avoid terrain. It is integrated into the Autopilot and Instrument systems for Auto or Manual TF operation. The autopilot system models the real F-111 autopilot Stability Augmentation Modes with pitch and roll sub-channels. Control Stick Steering uses Pitch and/or Roll control stick input to override the pitch and/or roll autopilot channel(s) without disengaging the autopilot settings. The autopilot settings are re-engaged using a button on your control stick (bound to the ‘t” key) returning the aircraft to autopilot control.

Reviews and Feedback from Users

"Your F-111 builds are freakishly awesome!!!.....I've only seen it rivaled by payware. VC's are unreal!! fly'n em. Keep up the good work

"I was fortunate to be among the group that took the first six production F111s to Thailand in 1968 and even though we had our problems, we did major damage with this fantastic aircraft. I love this plane and you have done a great job duplicating the real plane. You seem to be as passionate about the F-111 as I, so you can imagine how elated I was to see a realistic TFR in action."

"This is one of the best freeware military aircraft I've ever had the pleasure of flying."

"It is indeed a very good model and it resembles the real thing perfectly."  Ray's Aviation

"They are fantastic... The TFR is amazing,"

" works exceptionally well on FSX with no tweaks required to date. The TFR simulations and functionality is first class and enhances the overall sim-flying experience."

"THANK YOU for that AWESOME update of the AlphaSim F111 Aircraft"

"Once again thank you for a truly magnificent and realistic aircraft and now favourite aircraft,... So feel very proud and keep on flying."

"I really enjoy the TFR. Very nice job with the AB. Brings a lot of life to it in FSX. "

"My dad flew FB-111s out of Pease from about 87-91.  I sent him a link to your instrument panel pics and he thought they looked pretty dead on."

"You have produced, not only a brilliant aircraft - everything not only looks good, and looks right - but everything works as it should FIRST TIME. I haven't had to touch it, What a wonderful breath of fresh air,"

"This is one of the best I have thank you."

Just discovered this and it is a masterpiece - tremendous work!"

"I was never a big fan of the F-111 until I flew your version."

This is the Version 2.0 BETA release of our SHRS F-111 Aardvark package.

It brings Major Updates and new features to this exciting aircraft. Everything has been improved!!!

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New features for Version 2.0 BETA include:

  • A fully functional TFR and E-scope display
  • TFR Ride Select (soft, medium, and hard)
  • TF Radar Tilt controls
  • Realistic Gauge Operation and Failures (if you use failures)
  • Wing tip and Wing Root Vortices that follow wing sweep with real dynamics modeling
  • Sound Barrier vapor effect
  • SP2 and Acceleration aircraft configurable, select engines, and more
  • 10 aircraft versions, 8 cockpits and 3 payload configurations give you 22 aircraft variations and  26 real aircraft textures
  • All aircraft and cockpit textures updated
  • Over 200 realistic working gauges, switches, and waring lights
  • Over 80 effects
  • Fuel, weight and ballast is automatically set for aircraft loadout. ie; fuel drop tanks, bomb load, or clean configuration
  • Knee-board Checklist and Reference tables added
  • FSX Acceleration Aircraft Carrier ready
  • Aircraft descriptions for each tail number in the aircraft details menu
  • Plus much, much more
  • Many Bug fixes
  • Better time frame versions of FB-111A cockpits

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For maximum enjoyment please read the documentation !!!
This package is for FSX SP2 and Acceleration. You must have at least the unregistered version of FSUIPC

F-111 Aircraft V2.0 BETA
Build 081719

This package is for FSX SP2, Acceleration & Steam FSX

You must have at least the unregistered version of FSUIPC

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