Alphasim F-111 Aircraft Package for FS9

Features include:
  • This is the freeware Alphasim F-111 aircraft updated with 2 new 2D and Virtual Cockpit panels.
  • 2 right seat WSO panels has been added.
  • There are new Gauges, Afterburner effects and Fuel Dump and burn effects.
  • All the textures have been redone and a Pre-production FB-111A gray & white texture has been added.
  • There are basic functioning radar and threat warning gauges.
  • A basic terrain following radar is included.
  • Repaint textures upgraded to the FSX SHRS F-111 textures
  • NASA,AFTI, TACT, FB-111A-CF and  FB-111A Tiger Meet aircraft repaints added
  • fixed afterburner effect

Updated Mike Stone F-111's
Complete aircraft No Virtual Cockpit

Features include:
  • Extensive clean-up and rework of the textures graphics. The graphics are sharper and more detail has been added.
  • Panels have been redone.
  • The aircraft have the missing Nav, Tail and Beacon lights added.
  • A new afterburner effect has been added.
  • Drop Flare effect added.
  • Correct ATC call signs

F-111F                                       F-111G

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Updated 04/28/11 
                                             Updated 04/28/11

FB-111A                                         EF-111A
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Updated 04/28/11                                              Updated 04/28/11