SHRS  F-111 Aircraft Package for FSX 

What a Real F-111 pilot has to say about our SHRS F-111 Aardvark:

"I was fortunate to be among the group that took the first six production F111s to Thailand in 1968 and even though we had our problems, we did major damage with this fantastic aircraft. You seem to be as passionate about the F-111 as I, so you can imagine how elated I was to see a realistic TFR in action."


North American F-107

Features Include:
  • Panel fit fix for FSX
  • Minor panel gauge updates
  • New Afterburner effect
  • Thumbnail
Updated 04/04/14

Pigs Down Under
Version 3.0
Australian Scenery and AI package

Features Include:
  • New AI F-111C, F-111G and EF-111A aircraft and flight plans
  • New Textures
  • More AI aircraft
  • Featuring John Young's AI F-111 version 2.0 models
  • Basic Amberly and East Sales airbase scenery
  • Install AI only option if you have better scenery installed for Amberly and East Sales
Updated 12/21/15

A-10 Warthog

Features Include:
  • Working Pave Tack screen
  • Gun Effect
  • 3D Landing and taxi Lights effect
  • Armed and unarmed versions
  • Weathered texture
Updated 11/04/11

P-51 D Mustang

Features Included:
  • Functional 2D and Virtual Cockpit
  • Gun Effect
  • 3D Landing Light Effect
Updated 05/15/11

Pease AFB, NH Scenery

Link to full description and downloads

KC-135R Stratotanker

  • Repainted to match Pease AFB Scenery AI KC-135 aircraft
  • Modified instrument panels
  • Modified config file
  • Former PAD freeware aircraft
Updated 05/16/13

SR-71 Blackbird

Features Include:
  • Photo-realistic 2D panel
  • Updated Functional Virtual Cockpit
  • 3D landing Light Effect
Updated 03/28/14

B-52G and B-52H

  • Fixes Missing Virtual Cockpit Panels
  • Fixes Smoke Position
  • Added thumbnails
Updated 12/01/12

  • This is Mike Stone's EF-111A  with Steve Hess's Panel and repaint (no VC)
Updated 11/18/11

SP2 & Acceleration Only

MS F-111 Repaint Kit
  • Modified paint kit for Mike Stone's F-111 aircraft
Updated 07/06/11