Committee Contact Information

For a current list of committee heads, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on PTC committees. 

Highlighted committees still need to be filled!


Art to Remember

This event takes place every other year, Each student draws a picture in their class and parents have the opportunity to have their drawing made into a variety of things such as a mouse pad or a mug, Organize the ordering and distribution of the ordered art work.


Back to School Event:

A welcome back to school picnic held at the start of the school year to meet new school families and mingle with old friends. 


Back to School Supply Packs:

Organize the selection of school supplies needed by grade and sale of the completed packs to school families


Book Fair: (Co-Chair needed)

Sell books/merchandise during the week of Open House (typically May) with proceeds funding the school Library

Volunteers organize, display and staff book fair 


Bulletin Boards:

Displays student artwork in school office and hallways. Design bulletin boards with various themes throughout the year

Volunteers hang new art and return hanging art once a month.  Create/design bulletin board themes 


Cultural Arts:

Coordinate 3-4 school assemblies. One of the assemblies that will be run by this committee is Veteran's Day which will happen in November.


Front TV:

School communications media in the entrance to the school to keep updated with current school events.


Fun Fair (Co-Chair needed):

Carnival-like festival held on a Saturday at school in the spring

Volunteers to work games, food, ticket sales, raffle, security, and clean-up


Garden / Teaching Prairie: 

Beautifies the school grounds and Prairie

Volunteers help periodically in the Fall and Spring to maintain various gardens


Go Green:

A contagious committee that promotes GREEN ideas and habits for students, parents and staff on keeping the Earth clean.  At SHES we currently recycle paper, upcycle the Elmer's brand glue sticks/bottles, upcycle silver drink pouches in the lunchroom, and Waste Free Lunch Program.


Grant Writing:

Coordinates the proposals and submission of available grant money opportunities for the school.

Haunted House:

A haunted house that is set up at school in the evening at the end of October. Kids can walk through with their friends and family.

Holiday Store:

Internal school store open during December during lunch that sells novelty items for students to

purchase holiday gifts.


Incentive Reading:

Promotes extra curricular reading by rewarding students with Cougars and/or Great America tickets

Volunteers help at each grade level to coordinate and distribute reading logs and certificates from January - March


Labels & Tops:

Collection of Tops & UPC lebels from commonly purchased household and food items. 

The Labels & Tops proofs are submitted to the manufacturers, who provide a monetary reward to the PTC.  


"No Marathon" Marathon:

An annual fundraiser at the start of the school year, where families and friends will be asked to donate money to fund PTC events and activities.  Fundraiser ends with a school-wide celebration.


Restaurant Nights:

Dine at various local restaurants on designated nights as Sleepy Hollow PTC gets a percentage of the profits

Volunteers help the night of the event with raffle sign up


Room Parents:

Work with the teacher in organizing room parent volunteers for classroom events such as parties

Volunteers plan and help in the classroom for Halloween, Holiday, and/or Valentine’s Day parties and other classroom events such as Field Day. 


School Spiritwear:

The sale of various items featuring the school logo to promote school spirit.



The sale, at school, of gift cards for retail stores and restaurants with a rebate going to the school (i.e. buy a $25 Macy's gift card, you pay $25, the card is worth $25, and the school receives $2.50), This event happens one time a year in December.


Student Directory:

An annual publication sold at the beginning of the year that contains SHES' student, teacher and school contact information.


Sock Hop:

An annual event that provides music, dancing, and treats for students and families to benefit the Music & P.E. Departments.

Volunteers are needed to set-up, sell tickets, and clean-up.


Teacher Assistance Program (TAP): 

Assists teachers both in and out of the classroom with various activities during school hours

Volunteer as little as one hour a month or 1 – 2 hours a week



Development of the yearbook which highlights school events 

Volunteers take pictures at school events and to assist in page design





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