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Please see attachments below for the 2015-2016 TAP Schedule and Substitute List. Please remember, if you are unable to make an assigned date you need to find a substitute; the teachers are relying on you to be there! You can find the TAP volunteer list below in the Volunteer document (there is a tab on the spreadsheet for each class). If you are unable to find a substitute for in classroom help, please contact the teacher to let them know. If you are unable to find a substitute for clerical or Tuesday folders you need to contact the office and Nikki Kuhlman by 9AM. You can reach Nikki at 847-404-3765 or


You can find your assignments in the TAP Schedule document by selecting "View" below. Once the document has opened, hold the CTRL key and hit the "F" key. This will open a Find box. Type your last name into this box and hit "Enter" and it will find and highlight all of the matches in the document. Simply scroll through the document to see your specific assignments. There are three tabs to the document: one for Clerical and Kindergarten, a tab for 1st and 2nd, and tab for 3rd and 4th


You can also Download the document and, once open, hold down the "Ctrl" key and then hit the "F" key. This will open a "Find" box. Type your last name and enter. Every time you hit "enter" it will take you to the next place your name is in the schedule. Many people are in multiple classrooms and clerical/media/Tuesday folder help, so check all columns to ensure you are aware of all of your assignments! 


There are several open needs throughout the school year that could still use volunteers - you can see the open days/times in the document (wherever there is a white box). If you can volunteer, please let Nikki know and she’ll update the schedule.

2015-2016 TAP Schedule: 

2015-2016 TAP Volunteer List:

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