About Me

A Brief History

I was born on June 2, 1963 in Louisville, Kentucky. I don't remember much about the place. I moved when I was three to what became Merrillville. I spent all my grade school years there before I moved to Rialto, California to live with my father and his new wife. Rialto is a smallish town about 50 miles southeast of LA. I spent my junior high or middle school and half of my high school years there and had my only experience with team sports. I was on the junior varsity basketball team in the ninth grade. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to live with my mother and her new husband and my brand new baby sister in the middle of my junior year of high school. I'm still in Madison and quite happy here.

My Schooling

I did well until high school when I began to realize it was more fun to hang out with my friends than go to school. I still managed to keep a decent GPA, but I didn't apply myself. Once I started high school in Madison, I dove headfirst into the arts scene. I was in concert band and pep band where I played the baritone horn. I sang soprano in concert choir and Minniesingers--an elite acappella group that did some paid performances. I was in plays and musicals. Yes, I hardly had time for class, but it didn't matter. I enrolled at the University of Wisconsin where I began a long string of majors with music. Since then I have considered and/or actually declared the following: art,computer science, history, kinesiology and physical education. I finally graduated in May 2004 with a BA in History and a certificate in Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies.  I graduated with honors from the Globe University veterinary technician program on March 27, 2014.

At Home

We bought and moved into our first house in May 1998. It's in a beautiful part of town .I can walk to a lot of nice places like bookstores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. We also enjoy working in our beautiful garden. I share my house with Dulcinea--a torbie cat, Megan -- an English Shepherd, Shelby -- a beagle mix, Nu --an African Clawed Frog and my partner, Pamela. Pamela and I met in high school and have lived together since 1984. She works at the University Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Transplant Department. 

My Career

I was an administrative assistant for the University of Wisconsin for over 20 year. On April 14, I will begin my new career as a veterinary technician at Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic. You can find details about my career on my professional site