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Percentage of Number Games

The Number Invaders are descending upon the innocent inhabitants of a distant planet. Help Trevor keep the Number Invaders a safe distance away. You'll need instant recall of math facts and a steady hand to win this game!
Practice solving percentage problems mentally. There are several chances to answer each problem before a new problem is given.




 Percent Shopping

Solve 5 problems in each level. You select the toys which determines how challenging the activity will be.  (ONLY NEED TO PLAY LEVEL 1 - for what we are learning this year in 6th grade)
Level 1: Find the sale price when the original price and percent discount are known.
Collect FOUR gold coins by solving problems at the toy store, the bank, the health club, and the cafe. 
Math help is provided at each location but you will only be awarded a gold coin if you solve three problems without any answers given to you. 
You must visit each of the four locations before you will be allowed to a place you've already visited. 
Successfully collecting all FOUR coins means you have gained an excellent understanding of percentages.  What a great accomplishment that will be!